James A. Barber, Jr.

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Naval Shiphandler's Guide (Blue and Gold)
James Alden Barber  More Info


Captain James A. Barber, Jr., USN (ret.) attended the University of Southern California as Midshipman in the NROTC regular program, receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and his commission as Ensign, United States Navy in June 1955. He served nearly thirty years as a surface warfare officer in the U.S. Navy before retiring at the rank of captain.  A former CEO and Publisher of the Naval Institute, he was also senior lecturer of systems management for the Naval Postgraduate School program at the Naval Academy. James Barber is the author of Naval Shiphandler’s Guide; and, a co-author of  The Military and American Society: Essays and Readings (1972 Edition).


According to the book description of Naval Shiphandler’s Guide, “The first new book on naval shiphandling in more than a generation, this guide helps beginning and intermediate shiphandlers learn and perfect a skill crucial to their naval careers while at the same time offering useful hints to seasoned pros. The book reflects all the many changes that have occurred in recent decades and is the first to cover the use of shiphandling simulators. The author, a skilled shiphandler with years of experience in nearly every type of Navy vessel, helps novice shiphandlers get the most out of their opportunities, whether handling real ships or simulators. Captain Barber tells readers everything they need to know about forces acting on the ship, getting underway, making a landing, transiting the channel, and underway replenishment. Standard commands for both ships and tugs are included, along with needed information on the use of tugs and pilots. Voyage planning, emergency shiphandling, tactical maneuvering, and more are covered in detail. A chapter is devoted to the special shiphandling characteristics of various classes of naval vessels. An introduction to the Rules of the Road is provided in an appendix.”

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