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J.A. Fluga

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Lieutenant J.A. Fluga, USN (ret.) “is a veteran of WW II. Then came a long career in the corporate world in a capacity that required an understanding that what people say is often meant to obscure a truth rather than reveal it. Now retired, he lives alone in sunny Florida.” Lieutenant J.A. Fluga is the author of The Power of God: Explodes in Ancient Yen!

According to the book description of The Power of God: Explodes in Ancient Yen, “The One Great God unleashes an awesome, overwhelming display of His power in ancient Yen. It is the culmination of events set in motion when the Lesser God Akiida enters the land of Yen to bring an understanding that The One Great God exists and is above all their present Gods.

Monumental problems constantly cascade down upon his shoulders. Handling them is particularly difficult because The One Great God has decreed that Akiida should accomplish his mission as a finite being, and not use his spiritual abilities. Thus as a finite person, Akiida battles against the forces of man and nature in his endeavor.

The POWER of GOD: Explodes in Ancient Yen!
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The major catastrophe steadily approaching is the rising river. An unending downpour feeds the surging river. The monster threatens to burst the weakening dykes and destroy the palace city and Yen. The peasants with their primitive tools desperately try to save their city and land by digging a large canal that will divert some of the raging torrent.

Even though they begin to see only failure, they work stoically on until their worst fears are realized. At this crisis point all look to the One Great God, for in Him rests life or death!”">

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