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George W. Evans Jr.

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Captain George W. Evans Jr., USN (ret.) military chaplain and civilian pastor is the author of That We May Have Life: Themes for Christian Living.  The MOAA said of the book, “Pastor Evans addresses the spiritual needs of ordinary people seeking to lead fulfilling Christian lives today. His rich, Biblically-based sermons help his congregation navigate the cultural trends that undermine faith and morality, and they do so without resorting to a narrow literalism. These sermons reflect firm belief in a powerful and compassionate God who is eager for His people to live now and eternally. They are timely lessons on the vitality of the Gospel.”


One reader of That We May Have Life: Themes for Christian Living said of, “This is an impressive collection of sermons that even someone who does not share the author's religious beliefs will find worthwhile to read. It provides an insightful view of the author's Christian beliefs far beyond the shallow fire and brimstone message that is too common with today's televangelists. Through the author's use of personal experiences I also learned a little about a remarkable individual named George W. Evans, Jr. I learned a lot about the application of a seemingly simple principal to our some times complicated lives. I think no matter what one believes it is beneficial to understand how this Christian believer approaches life and applies his religious beliefs.”

That We May Have Life: Themes for Christian Living
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