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Edward (Ned) L. Pinhey

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Edward (Ned) L. Pinhey, was “born in Los Angeles, California in 1938. He drops out of High School to join the US Navy at 17 and marries his childhood sweetheart at 18. He and wife Dee remain married after more than 54 years. They live outside Sequoia National Park in Three Rivers, California.

His latest novel is The Mormon Cartel, second in the Sergeant Tom Gay, Hollywood Detective Series. The Third book in that series is in the works. He also is the Author of Ned's Story which will be available soon. After he left the Navy, Ned is a Los Angeles Police Officer and rises to the rank of Sergeant. He works as Patrol Officer, Hollywood Vice Officer, Narcotics Detective, Hollywood Detective, and Supervisor.

At the height of the Watts Riots of 1965, Ned and his partner vow to become lawyers. Both make it. Ned graduates from Law School Cum Laude and is admitted to the California Bar for which he credits wife Dee working for LAPD in North Hollywood, to supplement his GI Bill. He leaves LAPD and is lawyer and Administrator to the Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff's Association.  Ned takes a four-year hiatus from law practice to be VP Operations of a motor home manufacturer. He sells out of that business and practices law in Santa Maria, California for fifteen years during which he regularly serves as Superior Court Judge pro tempore.

He retires from law after losing his hearing and now enjoys writing and retirement in Three Rivers.  Sergeant Edward (Ned) L. Pinhey is the author of Ned's Story, The Mormon Cartel and Hollywood Dicks.

According to the book description of The Mormon Cartel, “Sex, Drugs, Polygamy and a War with Mexico combine in this second novel in the Tom Gay Series. In The Mormon Cartel the LAPD Hollywood Detective turned lawyer and his policewoman sidekick take on the Mexican cartels, and launch a Military Invasion of Old Mexico. The Mormon Church is in the thick of things, too. Just how thick may surprise you.  This is Pinhey’s second novel featuring Lawyer Tom Gay and Policewoman Traci Timmons; the third book is in the works.”

Ned's Story
Edward Pinhey  More Info

The Mormon Cartel (Sgt Tom Gay, Hollywood Detective Novels)
Edward L. Pinhey  More Info

Hollywood Dicks
Edward L. Pinhey  More Info

According to the book description of Hollywood Dicks, “Lawyer Thomas Gay defends former colleagues Hollywood Dicks (LAPD Slang for Hollywood Divisional Detectives) from corruption charges. Tom unravels the case and snarls his personal life as he unsuccessfully juggles his wife and two other women. Though he gets his clients off, he not only manages to get divorced along the way, but the State Bar suspends him for a year.

Returning to his law practice following his year suspension spent in Costa Rica, Tom is quickly involved in a narcotics case. He resumes his wicked ways with wine, women and song.  Tom’s latest client kidnaps a judge off the bench at his arraignment. The entire State of California is in an uproar. At the bottom of this case is cocaine smuggling using US Air Force Transport Aircraft. The case takes the reader to the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Israel; from cops and robber shoot ‘em ups to air plane high jacking. All culminates in LAPD land, with a typical LAPD shoot-em-up.”

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