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Edward M. Brittingham

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Captain Edward M. Brittingham, USN (ret.) “was in the Air Force ROTC in college, made pilot, but dropped out in his junior year. Drafted in 1962, he joined the Navy as a navigator (Naval Aviation Observer) and then reported to NAS Norfolk, Virginia for submarine training. He joined VP-10 and transitioned to the P-3A aircraft where antisubmarine warfare became the primary mission. He moved up the ranks ultimately to Commanding Officer of VP-11.”  Edward M. Brittingham is the author of The Iranian Deception; Sub Chaser;  Operation Poppy and Hard Facts: Terrorist Camps, the CIA, and the State of Homeland Security.


According to the book description of Hard Facts: Terrorist Camps, the CIA, and the State of Homeland Security, "The clues are as mystifying as they are terrifying: Off America s East Coast a new generation of nuclear-armed Russian subs lie in wait for devastating orders. At a clandestine base in Yemen, terrorists begin a countdown for jihad. In South America a dictator secretly tries to acquire super weapons from Russia and Iran. And suicide bombers may have managed the unthinkable could they have smuggled WMDs into the US? Now it's a race against time as the CIA, FBI, and Department of Defense hunt frantically for the terrorists while trying to unravel the links behind a global conspiracy out to destroy the United States.


It will be up to two heroic men to save the nation. Agent John Casey, one of the CIA s most lethal covert operatives in the war against terror, has been tapped for this most hazardous mission: he will assume a false identity, infiltrate Al-Qaeda s most impenetrable strongholds, then figure out a way to stop their plan for Armageddon. Fellow CIA man Steve Graves must piece together the puzzling connections between Venezuela s President Chavez, the Akula class subs that lurk in the Atlantic just off New England, and the terrorists apocalyptic scheme."


According to the book description of Sub Chaser, “Their mission is to hunt, track and if necessary kill enemy submarines and surface ships. Known as "Sub Chasers," these American Naval flight crews are in the air 24/7 flying their P-3 Orions keeping our country safe. This is the riveting story of Orion Squadron Commander Captain Edward M. Brittingham, a table of warfare at sea and the air wing branch of the US Navy.”

According to the book description of The Iranian Deception, “A dark conspiracy stretches halfway around the world, putting national security at risk as two military men fight for control of the latest technology in global weaponry. John Clinton Chartier, II, the son of one of the world’s top armament engineers, has followed in his father’s footsteps. He is contracted to develop what will be the most technologically-advanced weapon ever—especially designed for the U.S. Navy. Bandar Abbis, an Iranian immigrant, is a Harvard-educated scientist with high-level military security clearance and access to the nation’s most sophisticated weapons. When the opportunity arises, loyalties to his homeland find him joining fellow Iranians in a sinister plot to steal the new weapon. Soon both men are engaged in a fierce battle for possession of the classified weapon that could change the course of history.”


According to the book description of Operation Poppy, “It was a secret so extraordinary the future of naval warfare would change forever. It pivoted on the cunning of two very different men and their same hope for freedom. It boiled down to a ruthless Russian submarine crew and the American airmen and commandos sent to hunt them down.


Here is the riveting story of how one outsider almost caused the implosion of Russia. From the bitter cold streets of Moscow to deep under the freezing Arctic waters, "Operation Poppy" details the brutal price of naval supremacy: deadly acts of espionage; the staggering loss of life in a clandestine war of subterfuge, politics, and murder; and a spectacular showdown between Spetznatz forces and US Navy SEALs.”







The Midwest Book Review said of Terrorism in the United States, “The United States is never safe from those who would do it harm. Terrorism in the United States follows young Sherry Hannon as she finds herself dealing with what she has feared for quite some time: a terrorist plot against a Virginia nuclear power plant. As the FBI and military learn of the plot, Sherry discovers that even the best of America's men can still fail, and the cost of their failure could be millions of lives. Terrorism in the United States is a riveting thriller based a real danger.”

Debra Gaynor of said of Terrorism in the United States, it “captured my attention and held it captive until the last page. I live in an area that is being considered for a new nuclear plant. Reading this does not make me feel very secure. My concern goes beyond the environment. My chief concern is terrorism in the heartland. Captain Edward M. Brittingham's Terrorism In The United States is a fictional account, the setting is real, and some of the events are real. This book is a thriller. A terrorist cell plans to destroy a power plant in Virginia. The plant is real, and the security record is accurate.”


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