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David E. Meadows

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Captain David E. Meadows, USN (ret.), began his 37 year naval career when he enlisted in the US Navy in 1967.  By 1977, he had made Chief Petty Officer.  In 1980, he became a commissioned officer and rose to the number two position as Deputy Commander, Naval Security Group.  David Meadows “spent nearly 10-years at-sea on a variety of warships where he qualified as a Surface Warfare Officer. He has aircrew and Naval Observer wings with over 5000-flight hours in three different types of reconnaissance aircraft.”


Captain David E. Meadows is the author of:  The four books in the Sixth Fleet series (Sixth Fleet, Seawolf, Tomcat and Cobra); The four books in the Joint Task Force Series (Africa, France, America and Liberia); Three books in the Dark Pacific Series (Dark Pacific, Pacific Threat; and, Final Fathom); and, Final Run.


According to the description of the Six Fleet Series, “The Sixth Fleet series are four exciting military-naval thrillers to hit the market in 2001 and 2002. This series of novels follow a downsized United States Sixth Fleet rushing to rescue Americans trapped in Algiers as Islamic terrorists cause North Africa to explode into chaos. The first novel The Sixth Fleet, erupts with Libya sinking an American destroyer and bombing American bases in Sicily and Crete. A Navy EP-3E reconnaissance aircraft on routine patrol in the Central Mediterranean warns Sixth Fleet about the sinking and the imminent attacks. Tensions mount when the unarmed Navy aircraft flies toward Libyan territorial waters to confirm the sinking of the U.S. Navy ship and then dodges hostile aircraft in a mad dash to safety. Sixth Fleet sets the pace for the sequels and was released June 12, 2001.


Combat actions continue in the sequels as the United States military fight a war on the Korean Peninsula, leaving the few military and Navy-Marine Corps units in the Mediterranean and the European theater to resolve the war in terrorism crisis erupting across the North African littoral with the aim of destroying America and subjugating Europe to Islamic terrorist control of the Mediterranean. Battles erupt in the air, on and under the sea, and ashore as Marines, Sailors, Airmen and Soldiers fight to rescue American hostages, save each other and contain the hostile actions of a rogue nation.”


According to the book description of Joint Task Force Liberia, “Americans are being rounded up and executed in Liberia by a rebel army led by Islamic Terrorists. Rear Admiral Dick Holman must reach this West African country in time to save thousands of Americans fighting for their lives in the jungles and rainforests.”


According to the book description of Joint Task Force America, “Navy SEAL Commander Tucker Raleigh - A revenge seeking terrorist leader - an approaching hurricane - a red headed Navy nurse - a combined U.S., British, and French fleet searching for a rogue freighter believed to be carrying a nuclear weapon combine into a fast paced, page turning thriller that grabs you on the first page. The reader chases twisting, gut-wrenching action with a surprise ending that shows once again this author, who just happens to be an active duty Navy Captain, uncanny foresight to show what the future may hold.”


According to the book description of Joint Task Force France, “Over the waters of the Atlantic off the coast of West Africa, a routine Navy exercise turns into a mysterious disaster when a formation of Air Force F-16 fighters simply vanish. Someone has gotten hold of an experimental weapon being developed by the American Missile Defense office--and all signs points to the French. When a secret mission to destroy the weapon goes wrong, it leads to a covert battle along the coast of Africa that could bring the world to war.”


According to the book description of Joint Task Force Africa, “A Navy EP-3E is hit by a missile and before the pilot can recover control of the aircraft four aircrew bail out over West Africa, landing in the middle of an African civil war. It is a fast-pace story as Admiral Holman races to rescue the Sailors before they are killed or captured.”


According to the book description of Dark Pacific, “Sea Base is the latest development in Naval Technology. More than 80-acres long, the artificial island is a self-contained citadel carried atop eight ships and is able to dispatch aircraft and unmanned underwater vehicles at a moment's notice-giving America mastery over the world's ocean.


American Kiang Zheng learns where his true loyalties lie when is accompanies his parents to his ancestral home of China. Employed as an engineer with Sea Base, he is strategically positioned to serve the People's Republic.


Richard Zeichner is a Naval Criminal Investigative Service agent assigned to Sea Base on its beta-test voyage. But instead of observing the proceedings, his true mission is to uncover the identity of a saboteur who will stop at nothing to send the floating fortress to the bottom of the sea.”


According to the book description of Dark Pacific: Pacific Threat, “North Korea threatens to overrun South Korea as tension rise. The experimental Sea Base is sent into the Sea of Japan to bolster American forces. Senior Chief Agazzi and his division of sonar technicians must use the latest Unmanned Underwater Vehicle technology against an imminent attack by an unidentified submarine while the crusty Boatswain Mate Master Chief, Jerry Jacobs, discovers himself fighting for his life with nothing but a fire hose to save his life and save Sea Base. Beneath the floating fortress, sharks continue to grow in number. Meanwhile NICS agents Richard Zeichner and Kevin Gainer question the presence of a Chinese agent against the growing demands of Washington Headquarters.”


According to the book description of Dark Pacific: Final Fathom, “The Naval Research Laboratory, SEA BASE, is a floating 81-acre island held aloft by eight Fast Sealift Ships. China has decided to invade Taiwan and Sea Base must step between the two fighting forces. On board Sea Base NCIS agents are searching for a foreign espionage agent suspected of sabotaging this Navy experiment Navy experiment while a member of God’s Army seeks revenge for his brother’s death.”

The Sixth Fleet
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Sixth Fleet, The: Seawolf (Sixth Fleet)
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The Sixth Fleet #3: Tomcat (Sixth Fleet, 3)
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Sixth Fleet #4, The: Cobra: Blood Across the Med (Sixth Fleet, 4)
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Joint Task Force - Liberia
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Joint Task Force America (#2)
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Joint Task Force #3: France (Joint Task Force)
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Joint Task Force #4: Africa (Joint Task Force)
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Dark Pacific
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Dark Pacific 2: Pacific Threat (Dark Pacific)
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Dark Pacific: Final Fathom
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Final Run
David E. Meadows  More Info

According to the book description of Final Run, “The Cold War is fought on every front. Under the seas, America has the only nuclear submarine and the Soviet Union is hurrying to deploy their first nuke. Old diesel-engine subs are dying out and the USS Squallfish it old school-as is her Captain.


Chad Shipley earned his stripes under the Pacific-as Japanese depth charges exploded around him. Now, he takes the Squallfish on a dangerous mission that may mean the end of him and his submarine as he is ordered to infiltrate the heart of the Soviet Northern Fleet to spy on the enemy’s nuclear sub capabilities.


But, the first Soviet nuclear sub is already underway, and has found its prey the Squallfish. Against an opponent as clever and cunning as himself, Shipley and the crews of the Squallfish must rise to the battle to survive-or sink into the crushing depths.”

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