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Daniel F. Stevens

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Lieutenant Daniel F. Stevens, USN (ret.) is the author of Stories for the Future: Vol. 1: Riding a Sunbeam.  According to the book description, “C.J. and his sister Nicolle leave home to live on a space station orbiting the Moon. C.J.'s father, a scientist heading up a special project for the International Space Agency, has been asked to find a way to protect Earth from killer asteroids. His laboratory is located in the space station, which is large enough to house and feed over a million people. Most people on the station work at excavating raw materials for use on Earth. C.J. carries a new type of helmet computer invented by his father. It's thought-controlled, and powered with a special laser beam capable of creating real-looking images of people and things. With it, C.J. and his friends meet Theata the sunbeam, who takes them for rides to the Moon and planet Jupiter. C.J.'s adventures include meeting two children who were scientists from a distant star system before going back in time; traveling through a black hole at speeds faster than light; saving Earth from killer asteroids; visiting the home of their new friends; and fighting water pirates, called Outsiders. It all adds up to an amazing story about how life will be in the distant future.”

Riding a Sunbeam (Stories for the Future, Vol. 1)
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