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Candace Irvin

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Candace Irvin, USN, “after a brief stint in the U.S. Army (long enough to survive basic training), Candace accepted a branch transfer and enrolled in the U.S. Navy’s Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC). Following her commissioning as an Ensign in the Navy and graduation from Surface Warfare Officer’s school.”  Candace Irvin is the author of Triple Dare; Irresistible Forces; A Dangerous Moment; In Love and War; The Impossible Alliance; Crossing the Line; In Close Quarters; and, For His Eyes Only.

According to the book description of In Close Quarters, “From the moment U.S. Navy Doctor Karin Scott met DEA Special Agent TJ Vasquez, she had him pegged for a footloose and fancy-free womanizer. Unfortunately, when Karin stumbles across a lethal narcotics racket at the naval hospital, she has no where else to turn and must put her trust into TJ’s hands. Will she be able to figure out TJ is holding her heart as well before it’s too late?”


According to the book description of The Impossible Alliance, “Retired search and rescue specialist Jared Sullivan had gotten out of the secret agent game--a fact that meant nothing to ARIES director Sam Hatch. Against his better Judgement, Jared agreed to his mentor’s request to take on one last mission. He had no idea doing so would lead him to Alexis Warner, a beautiful but unknown ARIES agent determined to discover what was hiding behind Jared’s dark amber eyes. But Alexis has shocking secrets of her own.


According to the book description of Triple Dare, “With his rock-hard body and bottomless bank account, Darian Sabura fearlessly traveled the globe in search of his next adrenaline rush--and found it rescuing a damsel in distress. Abigail Pembroke’s sheltered life had been violently shattered when she’d witnessed a brutal murder. Now someone was trying to ensure she didn’t live to talk about it. But Abby wasn’t the only one in danger. From the moment he saw her, Dare couldn’t stop the flood of emotion that destroyed the long-held barriers around his soul. For the first time, he felt cold-blooded fear--and desire. And as their stalker drew near, he risked sheltering Abby in his arms...and his heart.”


According to the book description of Irresistible Forces, “She hadn’t seen him in eleven years, but U.S. Air Force Captain Samantha Hall would never forget the man she’d loved and lost. When her plane crashed in enemy territory and he came to her rescue, Sam was painfully reminded of the future they’d once dreamed of sharing. U.S. Air Force Colonel Griff Towers couldn’t believe Samantha was back in his arms, even if it was only part of his mission. She felt so right. Griff knew he had to get to the bottom of what--or who--had brought down that plane. And this time, Griff vowed Sam wouldn’t get away from him--but first, he had to figure out how to explain and earn her forgiveness for the secret he’d yet to reveal.”


According to the book description of A Dangerous Moment, “U.S. Army Delta Force Captain Tom Wild has never played by the rules and he’s not about to start now. Tom has spent precious weeks setting up his own cover...he’ll do whatever it takes to obtain the information, even if it means courting Luis’ trusted cousin Anna Shale straight into bed if need be. As far as Tom is concerned, he has no choice. The sultry beauty is the budding terrorist’s only weakness. That Anna is also a former U.S. Navy lieutenant suspected of passing military secrets to her cousin will make taking the both of them down--as well as Tom’s personal revenge for his buddy’s death--all the sweeter.”


According to the book description of For His Eyes Only, “Set aboard a U.S. Naval warship, FOR HIS EYES ONLY is the story of Special Agent Reese Garrick and his mission to bust a deadly criminal ring aboard the USS Baddager. But first, Reese must figure out how to get around his “running mate” and baby-sitter, Lieutenant Jade Parker. As far as Jade is concerned, she doesn’t have time nor the inclination to help some two-bit actor get into character. But by the time Jade learns Reese’s real identity, getting him into the ship’s Nuclear Support Facility is the least of her worries--keeping him out of her heart is another matter altogether.”


According to the book description of In Love and War, “A 3-in-1 military anthology with Merline Lovelace and Lindsay McKenna. Look for Candace’s novella, An Unconditional Surrender. U.S. Army Captain Jack Gage always found his prey, even when the quarry was his undercover ex, Captain Danielle Stanton. And now, after years of retreat, Jack was on the offensive, swearing to accept nothing less than Dani’s love.”

For His Eyes Only (Silhouette Intimate Moments, 936)
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Crossing The Line (Silhouette Intimate Moments)
Candace Irvin  More Info

In Love and War (Silhouette Special Products)
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Triple Dare (Family Secrets: The Next Generation)
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A Dangerous Engagement: Sisters in Arms (Silhouette Intimate Moments)
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In Close Quarters (Silhouette Intimate Moments)
Candace Irvin  More Info

The Impossible Alliance (Family Secrets) (Silhouette Intimate Moments)
Candace Irvin  More Info

Irresistible Forces (Silhouette Intimate Moments No. 1270)
Candace Irvin  More Info

According to the book description of Crossing the Line, “When their chopper went down behind enemy lines, U.S. Army pilot Eve Paris and Special Forces Captain Rick Bishop were forced to work together to escape. Their attraction was intense, but back home their relationship crashed. To save her career, Eve and Rick must return to the crash site...but will they be able to salvage their love?”

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