military books by servicemembers.


The banner leads to book written by police officers, some of whom served in the military.

United States Navy

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An Alphabetically listing of United States Navy Sailors whose last name begins with the letter B.

Rob Ballister
Stephen A. Banks
Jason Baudendistel
Bruce Ferguson Barber
James A. Barber
Alton Barlow
William Jackson Barnard
Blair Barrows
John Barry
John B. Bartlett
Paul Baviello
Edward Latimier Beach
Frank J. Belsito
James Benedict
Norman E. Berg
L. W. Berrie
Clay W. Biles
A. J. Billings
Walter B. Biondi
Arthur Clark Bivens
Robert Wallace Black
Terry Irene Blain
LaDelle F. Blevins
Nelson Adrian Blish
R. Stephen Bloch
Leo Block
Michael K. Bohn
Thomas J. Bouquard
James T. Born
Peter B. Booth
George Brennan
Rogenna Brewer
James A. Brink
Edward G. Briscoe
Edward M. Brittingham
Pierce R. Brooks
George Buker
Axel Bundgaard
William Burgett
Lance Burton
Roderick Burtram
Christyne Butler


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