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Lisa Nixon Phillips

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Lisa Nixon Phillips, "a native of Lawrence, Kansas, is a retired Navy wife, mother, author, and business owner with her husband, Ray. In 1986, she left Kansas and started a new life in California where she met and married her husband of 27 years. A passionate supporter of her husbands military service, Phillips volunteered for various military family events during the span of her husbands 21 years of service. While stationed on the island of Guam, she served as an Ombudsman to the Navys ship repair facility.

Believing that faith makes a difference, God became the anchor for keeping her life focused, fulfilling and always with a purpose. Like every military family, Phillips and her husband experienced difficult times during training missions, deployments and PCS moves, but she attributes her resiliency as a military wife to her faith.  Phillips has two grown children. Her daughter, Megan, a first lieutenant in the Army National Guard is a field medical assistant in the Seattle area, and her son, Lawrence, just graduated from high school is scheduled to enlist in the Navy. She and her husband, Ray, currently reside with their two pugs in Arlington, Washington."  Lisa Nixon Phillips, is the author of Faith Steps for Military Families: Spiritual Readiness Through the Psalms of Ascent


According to the book description of Faith Steps for Military Families: Spiritual Readiness Through the Psalms of Ascent, "There is much preparation made in advance of an upcoming deployment, but sadly spiritual readiness rarely makes it on the check-off list.The military community agrees that war inflicts injuries to the souls of our service members, but faith is the glue that makes a difference in coping with adversity or when living under difficult circumstances such as the military lifestyle.


Faith Steps for Military Families: Spiritual Readiness Through the Psalms of Ascent explores the themes of the fifteen Psalms of Ascent (Psalms 120-134) in the book of Psalms in the Bible. These special psalms, packed full of rich and descriptive metaphors reveal common military themes such as traveling to or living in unfriendly environments, enduring dry and sometimes desperate times, mastering restlessness and dissatisfaction in a complex lifestyle, coping with unforeseen conditions, fear, lack of unity, and other topics.


The ancient Israelites, called, Pilgrims in these Psalms of Ascent sung these psalms while traveling by foot to the great festivals of Jerusalem. Lisa Phillips, a retired military wife shares some of her experiences, while walking you through the meanings of these Psalms, then translates them into the lives of 21st century military families. These fifteen themes build resiliency and will revitalize your familys spiritual foundation to persevere through the challenges of an arduous and stressful lifestyle. As you do, youre on your way to deeper appreciation, devotion and fellowship with God. By unpacking the meanings of the metaphors, youll discover Gods methods and His nature in ways youve not likely thought of before. Like the early Israelites, military families are todays pilgrims, always on a journey---always looking ahead to the next duty station. Military life can get overwhelming. Invite God on your unique journey and discover the fifteen key elements for laying the foundational stones to a stronger spiritual footing that leads to a life of blessings."

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