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Don Crist

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Although not a servicemember, Don Crist is a military supporter and the author of Protecting Profits in Any Economy. According to the book description of Protecting Profits in Any Economy, it “offers business basics to owners who wish to understand fundamental management principles and to maintain profitability during various economic cycles.”

One reader of Protecting Profits in Any Economy said, “What a delightful book to read. I have never read a book about the facts and figures of business that was so easy to read, easy to understand and so valuable in its lessons. This book should be required reading for everyone who thinks about starting a new business. And it should never be far from the reach of any small business owner who thinks about growing their business in an ethically sound manner.

The best part of the book are the examples Don uses from everyday life. This not only makes "Protecting Profits in Any Economy" very easy to digest and understand but also a lot of fun to read. I never thought I would say that about a book that explains the financial side of doing business, but there you have it!

I highly recommend this book to all entrepreneurs, potential business owners, seasoned small business owners, business consultants and business coaches. This book will guide you to success at protecting profits in every economic climate.”

Protecting Profits in Any Economy
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