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William M. Frash

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Colonel William M. Frash, USMC (ret.) “served as the youngest commissioned officer of a squadron in the Marine Corps and later the first commanding officer of the base which by that time was Miramar. After earning his wings in early 1942, he was transferred to Camp Kearny, San Diego, and became executive officer for Marine Fighter Squadron 122, which was shipped to the Pacific.”  Colonel William M. Frash “attended University of California Berkeley where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1937. He joined the Marine Corps soon after and trained at the Naval Air Station, Opalocka, Fla., receiving his wings in early 1942.” (Flight Jacket 5/2006) Colonel William M. Frash died in May 2006.  He is the author of Hunter Hunted; Impending Peril; Imminent Engagement; and, Is the Red Witch Dead?


According to the book description of Hunter Hunted, A new emperor rules Japan, and former President Teddy Roosevelt sends Marine Corps Captain Matt Hunter to Asia to spy out the monarch's plans for expansion in the Pacific. Hunter sails to the South Pacific aboard The Swift, learning along the way that a murderous bandit calling himself Matt Hunter has been plundering throughout the islands. To protect his shipmates, his mission, and his reputation, Hunter must defeat the malicious counterfeit. Accompanied by the vivacious Jessica Hopkins, who captures his heart after he rescues her from the tyrant ruler of an isolated atoll, Hunter sails from island to island, gathering intelligence about the Japanese and hunting the impostor along a trail of silver looted from sunken Spanish galleons.


Bill Frash served twenty-two years as a naval combat aviator in the United States Marine Corps. He later became chief of staff of the Atomic Exercise Brigade, and, before retiring, was the first Marine Corps officer to command the Marine and Naval Air Station at Miramar. Colonel Frash takes particular care in researching the real events that provide the backdrop for the exploits of Captain Matt Hunter, unearthing even the smallest historical details to heighten the authenticity of the novels in the continuing “Hunter Saga.”


According to the book description of Impending Peril, “A gripping historical novel set in 1904. President Theodore Roosevelt has secretly ordered United States Marine Captain Matt Hunter to infiltrate Chinese, Russian and Japanese intelligence. Risking exposure and certain death as a spy, Hunter penetrates the high commands of the Asian adversaries in this suspenseful action thriller about the seeds of World War II.

Is the Red Witch Dead?
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Impending Peril
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Hunter Hunted
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Imminent Engagement
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According to the book description of Imminent Engagement, “The Hunter saga resumes as United States Marine Captain Matt Hunter struggles to carry out the secret orders of President Teddy Roosevelt. Imminent Engagement reveals the events in 1905 that set the stage for World War II. War between Russia and Japan has become inevitable, and Hunter must influence its course in defense of American interests. No matter the cost, neither Russia, China nor Japan must be allowed to achieve dominance in Asia. Entangled in deadly circumstances, Hunter walks a tightrope amidst the conflicting interests of four powerful nations. Empresses and warlords, spies and assassins stand in his way, all of them determined to keep him from succeeding in his covert mission.”


According to the book description of Is the Red Witch Dead?, “Long-time buddies, Sam Hunter and Saigo Takamori confront one another after Japan's devastating attack on Pearl Harbor. They remain enemies in a hazardous post-war pursuit after gold bars in the hold of the Red Witch, a sunken Japanese submarine. Can sworn enemies rediscover the bonds of friendship, or must one die? A compelling tale of greed and international intrigue on the high seas.”

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