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Tom Robbins

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Tom Robbins “joined Boston University in June of 2006 as Chief of Police and Executive Director of Public Safety after a 27 year career with the Massachusetts State Police. Prior to joining the state police, he served three years active duty in the United States Marine Corps.  Tom held many positions within the State Police, the largest police force in New England, culminating in being named Superintendent of the State Police by Governor Mitt Romney. Tom Robbins has conducted many training sessions in Massachusetts and across the country on a wide variety of topics ranging from crisis management to terrorism awareness training. He has been interviewed by several major, local and national television and radio networks regarding policing and terrorism issues. He holds a Jurist Doctor from Suffolk University Law School.”  Tom Robbins is a co-author of Journey from Genesis to Genocide: Hate, Empathy, and the Plight of Humanity.

According to the book description of Journey from Genesis to Genocide: Hate, Empathy, and the Plight of Humanity, “We are all familiar with the violence that results from anger and rage a momentary reaction to a provocation that results in destructive behavior. But what is it about human nature that allows entire populations to engage in the wholesale destruction of another population with cruel efficiency and little or no remorse or guilt? In the twentieth century deliberate and planned destructive behavior on massive scales resulted in more than 160 million deaths, nearly equaling the entire population of the world at the time of Jesus Christ. This book is an insightful and inspiring exploration of the depths of the human soul that combines the latest scientific knowledge with vivid historical examples and the authors real world experience as career law enforcement and homeland security officials. This journey is presented with a unique and paradigm-shifting perspective on man s capacity to commit extreme atrocities, including ethnic cleansings and genocide, as well as man s ability to engage in selfless acts of compassion. The authors focus on the one emotion that brings man to the apex of evil - hate- and the emotion that is key to our altruism - empathy. The authors persuade the reader that the control of hatred and fostering of empathy are critical to our ultimate survival as a species. These two emotional states are the polar opposites that determine who we are willing to destroy and who we are willing to save.”

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