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Ronald Godby

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Lieutenant Ronald Godby, Northwestern University Police Department, said, “Growing up in Appalachia, I learned to respect my environment as well as the people in my life. That philosophy helped me to succeed in my time serving with the United States Marine Corps. I built on those experiences to graduate at the top of my class from the Chicago Metro Police Academy and to make a good life for me, my wife, and our three kids, as I continue in my seventeen year career in law enforcement. We currently live in the beautiful town of Mount Prospect, Illinois.


I began writing when I was in High School. My brothers Don and Scott, along with our two friends, author Mark Daniels and screenwriter Lee Anthony Smith, formed a dedicated group in pursuit of the arts.  I ended up becoming an accomplished photographer as well and had the honor of photographing Wrigley Field for the first night game. I became serious about writing when I was digging through old treasures and discovered some notes I had jotted down while snowbound during a training exercise in South Korea. Lieutenant Ronald Godby is the author of The Mongoose Mission and The King of Imperial Hill.  He is also a co-author of Mongoose in the Sand.


According to the book description of The King of Imperial Hill, “Get a glimpse of the life of young twin boys growing up in southeastern Kentucky in the 1970s. This story follows a week of adventure and near tragedy in which one of the young boys finds his destiny. Although the setting reveals the poverty and hardships faced by the boys and their family, the story shows that hope and determination help the boys overcome the obstacles that life puts before them.”


According to the book description of The Mongoose Mission, ““Team Mongoose,” a small group of U.S. Marines, goes into the South Korean wilderness for what was supposed to be a routine mission. They quickly find themselves in the middle of the worst blizzard imaginable. During the storm, one of the Marines decides to carry out a sinister personal mission. The Marines not only have to survive the brutal storm, but they also have to stop one of their own who is hellbent on revenge.”


According to the book description of Mongoose in the Sand, “Join Staff Sergeant Mitch Garvey, the leader of the elite Marine cryptography unit Team Mongoose, on what is supposed to be a straightforward mission. The mission gets complicated by a new team leader, forbidden romance, foreign military threats, and a homicidal madman intent on getting revenge. Mongoose in the Sand is an action-packed novel with all of the elements of a great book - interesting, well-developed characters, exotic locations, a hardened villain, good dialogue, lots of action and suspense with a smattering of romance.”

Mongoose in the Sand
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The Mongoose Mission
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The King of Imperial Hill
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