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Randy Meulman

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Randy Meulman, USMC, is “a tall and muscular man's man. He excelled in football in high school and college, served in the United States marines in Vietnam, and was a police officer in a large city in America. He thought he could face and overcome anything. He became a leader in a large international Christian organization and found himself caught in the snares of religious legalism, like the religiosity of his Christian home when growing up. In his struggles to serve God, as he understood at the time, he was becoming evermore entangled in an insidious snare.

In the midst of his struggles, he encountered an enemy of a spiritual nature though embodied in a businessman. The events of that encounter defy belief by many people. Yet they were true and are accurately portrayed. The end result of the struggles and of that encounter was that Randy found that God simply loved him and wanted him to be free. Randy was engulfed in the glory of God and found the freedom that only Christ can give.”  Randy Meulman is the author of The Quest for Glory.

The Quest for Glory
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