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Phillip Thompson

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Phillip Thompson “was born in Columbus, Mississippi. Writing from an early age, he graduated from Ole Miss with a degree in journalism,then was commissioned as an officer in the Marine Corps. He served on active duty for 12 years as an artillery officer in California, Hawaii and aboard the USS Missouri and participated in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Since leaving the Marine Corps, he has worked as: a reporter and editor in Mississippi and Virginia; the managing editor of Marine Corps Times; a defense analyst; U.S. Senate aide; speechwriter for the Secretary of the Army, and communications consultant. The author of Enemy Within and Into the Storm: A U.S. Marine in the Persian Gulf War, his writing has been featured in newspapers and magazines across the Deep South and East Coast, including The Washington Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Civil War magazine.”  Phillip Thompson is the author of Into the Storm: A U.S. Marine in the Persian Gulf War, Deep Blood and A Simple Murder.

According to the book description of Into the Storm: A U.S. Marine in the Persian Gulf War, “Phillip Thompson had kept a journal for years, from the time he was in college in the 1980s at the University of Mississippi until he attended the Artillery Officers' Advanced Course, when the demands of school interrupted. His desire to keep track of the events in his life was re-ignited with the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, his impending deployment to the Persian Gulf in August 1990, and the beginning of Operation Desert Shield. While in the Persian Gulf, Thompson kept a small green, military-issue notebook with him at all times, writing down everything he could, drawing maps, explaining his emotions, and oftentimes, venting his anger. Upon his return from Saudi Arabia in 1991, he had filled three notebooks, which evolved into this work. Here are Thompson's personal experiences and his observations of those around him in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.”

According to the book description of Deep Blood, it “is the story of Mississippi sheriff Colt Harper, whose moral compass is slightly askew - separated but not divorced from his wife, he sleeps with a New Orleans stripper who regularly violates the drug laws of Lowndes County, he drinks too much and habitually ignores the more mundane aspects of his sworn duty. Even when he must investigate the death of a young man - the son of a close friend - his mind wanders from the subsequent investigation. But when his alcoholic, amoral father Winston is arrested - yet again - for DUI, he learns an inexcusable truth about his father's past, a truth he wants to ignore but knows he must confront.”

According to the book description of A Simple Murder, “Former ATF Agent Wade Stuart is content to while away his days in Hawaii as freelance reporter. But when he reports on a murder aboard the Marine base on Oahu, he discovers a sinister plot to kill hundreds of innocent tourists.”

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