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Paul E. Wilson

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Colonel Paul E. Wilson, USMC (ret.) “served in the U.S. Marines for 35 years and was decorated with numerous medals. He saw heavy combat in World War II during two amphibious landings and ended up in China. He also saw combat in Korea and twice in Vietnam, where he was a regimental commander on his second tour. He has a master’s degree in English literature and education, and he holds a doctorate degree in educational supervision, along with certification in gerontology. He entered the education field following retirement, initially with a county education system and teaching part time for 17 years at several universities, then serving as a professor at Barry University's College of Education for seven years.” Colonel Paul E. Wilson is the author of China Marine.

According to the book description of China Marine, it “is an historical love story that follows a young Marine who marries a Chinese woman and then must struggle to get his family out of the country when Communists come into power. A young Marine stationed in China is caught between two worlds in Wilson’s historical novel, China Marine. Serviceman Vince Raney finds himself fascinated by China, but he never expected to fall in love and marry a beautiful Chinese girl from a wealthy and world-traveled family. Life seems perfect until the Communists take over the Peking area and Raney’s happy life is threatened. Desperate, he tries to get his wife, child and mother-in-law out of the war-torn country, but it isn’t easy and escape isn’t assured.

China Marine
USMC (Ret.), Col. Paul E. Wilson  More Info

China Marine is inspired by the author’s personal experiences as a Marine in China. Wilson’s book intends to explore the political climate both in China and in Washington, D.C., as well as to tell a cross-cultural love story. He suggests that by examining China’s past, readers can better understand what is happening in China today.”

According to one reader of China Marine, “This is a compelling and authentic story about Marines in China and Korea after WWII and during the Korean War in the early 1950s. Unfortunately, the story doesn't get exciting until about the middle of the book when the male characters go to Korea. The main problem I had was the shoddy way the publisher printed the book. There are numerous errors on practically every page; spelling, grammatical and punctuation. Wasn't the book copy-edited? It appears that the printed version was either scanned into a computer from the author's manuscript or it was translated from the Chinese! (I'm being a bit sarcastic here.) An example: the Marine's beer hall is called a "slot chute" instead of "slop chute." I'm sure Colonel Wilson never wrote this way.”

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