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Kenneth W. Estes

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The Marine Officer's Guide
Kenneth W. Estes  More Info

Handbook for Marine NCOs
Kenneth W. Estes  More Info

Marines Under Armor: The Marine Corps and the Armored Fighting Vehicle, 1916-2000
Kenneth W. Estes  More Info

US Marine Corps Tank Crewman 1941-45: Pacific (Warrior)
Kenneth Estes  More Info
A European Anabasis: Western European Volunteers in the German Army and SS, 1940 (Gutenberg-e)
Kenneth W. Estes  More Info
Mounted task force operations: A proposed operational handbook (Student research and writing)
Kenneth W Estes  More Info
Tanks on the Beaches: Marine Tanker in the Great Pacific War (Texas A & M University Military History, 85)
Robert M. Neiman  More Info
History in Dispute - The Spanish Civil War (History in Dispute)
St. James Press  More Info

According to the book description of US Marine Corps Tank Crewman 1941-45: Pacific, “The ferocity of the Pacific war almost defied the available military technology. In this environment the evolving use of tanks by the US Marine Corps played a significant role; at the end of the Battle of Okinawa, Major General Lemuel Shepherd wrote in his report that 'if any one supporting arm can be singled out as having contributed more than any others during the progress of the campaign, the tank would certainly be selected.' This book traces the history of the US Marine Corps tank crewman, including the significant changes in doctrine, equipment, and organization that the war brought, and his experience fighting in the Pacific theater.”

Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth W. Estes, USMC (ret.) is a 1969 graduate of the United States Naval Academy.  During his career, he served in a variety of USMC command and staff assignments until his retirement in 1993.  Kenneth W. Estes has a Ph.D. in history has taught at a variety of institutions including Duke University and the United States Naval Academy.  Kenneth W. Estes is the author of The Marine Officer's Guide; Handbook for Marine NCOs;  Marines Under Armor: The Marine Corps and the Armored Fighting Vehicle, 1916-2000; A European Anabasis: Western European Volunteers in the German Army and SS, 1940; and, Mounted task force operations: A Proposed Operational Handbook.  He is a co-author of History in Dispute - The Spanish Civil War; Tanks on the Beaches: Marine Tanker in the Great Pacific War; and, US Marine Corps Tank Crewman 1941-45: Pacific.


According to one reader of The Marine Officer's Guide, “I imagine this book to be an invaluable resource for serving USMC officers, whether fresh out of The Basic School or with many years of service. But it has another use too: as a guide to the Corps for future Marines, and for non-Marines like me. At first blush, much of the information in this book may seem obscure or even irrelevant for people not making a career in the Marine Corps: information about personnel folders and fitness reports, how to apply for and receive transit insurance, or how to render salutes when small boats pass close aboard. But even in these details, a sense of what it means to be a Marine comes through loud and clear.


For a non-Marine, the real value of this volume lies in two areas: (1) its explanations of the history and traditions of the Corps (Marines are often said to be the most history-conscious of all the services), and (2) the explanation of the role the Corps plays in America's military machine, including how the Corps is structured, trained, stationed, and led.”


According to a reader of the Handbook for Marine NCOs, “This book is probably on every Marine NCOs bookshelf or in their footlockers and for good reasons. The book is by the same author of the Marine Officers Guide, and has alot of the information found in that book, but there is also alot of unique information. Its chapters are titled:The Noncommissioned Officer, The Marine Corps, The Profession of Arms, Leadership, Traditions Flags Decorations and History, Posts and Stations, Reserves, Military Justice, Uniforms, Courtesy and Ceremonies, Service Afloat(Sea Service/Duty), Individual Administration, Pay Allowances and Travel, and Personal Affairs. If you are going to be a Marine and plan on becoming a NCO(corporal and above), or are going to become a commissioned officer, you have to get this book.”


According to the book description of Marines Under Armor: The Marine Corps and the Armored Fighting Vehicle, 1916-2000, “In this story of men, machines and missions, Kenneth Estes tells how the U.S. Marine Corps came to acquire the armored fighting vehicle and what it tried to do with it. The longtime Marine tank officer and noted military historian offers an insider's view of the Corps's acquisition and use of armored fighting vehicles over the course of several generations, a view that illustrates the characteristics of the Corps as a military institution and of the men who have guided its development. His book examines the planning, acquisition, and employment of tanks, amphibian tractors, and armored cars and explores the ideas that led to the fielding of these weapons systems along with the doctrines and tactics intended for them, and their actual use in combat.


Drawing on archival resources previously untouched by researchers and interviews of both past and serving crewmen, Estes presents a unique and unheralded story that is filled with new information and analysis of the armored vehicles, their leaders, and the men who drove these steel chariots into battle. Such authoritative detail and documentation of the decisions to acquire, develop, and organize armored units in the U.S. Marine Corps assures the book's acknowledgement as a definitive reference.”

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