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Joel Russell

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Joel Russell "is the seventh son and 11th child of 12 in his family. He suffered a brutal childhood, but persevered to get into the marines. During his time in Vietnam he received a Purple Heart and Navy Achievement Medal for his daring acts. After his near-death experiences in war he was reminded of his promise to God after an almost fatal car crash. He has written this book to tell his story and help fulfill that promise."  Joel Russell is the author of Escaping Death's Sting: A Combat Marines Life Story.

According to the book description of Escaping Death's Sting: A Combat Marines Life Story, "The most compelling way to learn to love anything is to realize how close you are to losing it. How deep into the depths of despair must author Joel Lee Russell descend before he learns to open his body, mind and soul to the magnificence of devotion and faith? After surviving a tortured childhood, Russell's challenges continue when he arrives in Vietnam during the height of the Tet Offensive. While Russell's outfit of Marines dwindles from 250 men to 79 in a matter of four hours, he beseeches God to save him and promises to dedicate his life, from that moment on, to something greater than himself. Even though we think we are eager to learn our lessons and to improve ourselves, the training we endure is often complicated and challenging. After Joel Lee Russell, nicknamed Last Days Joel, repeatedly escapes death's sting, he opens himself to a divine beauty that soars beyond his belief."

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