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Joe Weber

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Captain Joe Weber, USMC (ret.) “holds a Master of Science Degree in Aviation Management. He is an Airline Transport Rated pilot with over 10,500 hours of flight time in 43 different types of aircraft, ranging from aerobatic biplanes and high-performance military jets to four engine transports.


Captain Joe Weber served in the United States Marine Corps from 1970-1975. A carrier-qualified fighter/attack trained pilot, he graduated first in his class from advanced Naval jet pilot training in Kingsville, Texas, in 1972. After his release from active duty, he flew commercially until 1989 when his first novel was published.”


Captain Joe Weber is the author of Assured Response; Dancing with the Dragon; Primary Target; Honorable Enemies; Targets of Opportunity; Rules of Engagement; Shadow Flight; and, Defcon-One.


According to the book description, Assured Response “is a riveting, all-to-real, thriller about the next terrorist attack on America. A new generation of terrorists will stop at nothing in their fanatical quest to destroy the United States. Conventional security is no longer enough. Scott Dalton and Jackie Sullivan are the government's newest secret weapons - so secret that their very existence is denied by the officials who hired them. Their mission is to prevent a plan of nuclear holocaust that will begin at the Canadian border and explode in the centers of American power. From a shocking sarin attack on a legendary ocean liner to the stalking of oil refineries by aircraft filled with deadly explosives, no attack is too insidious, no symbol of strength and freedom immune. For Dalton and Sullivan, their expertise has never been more necessary - their bravery never more needed - than in a world where unrepentant evil requires an Assured Response.”


According to the book description, Dancing with the Dragon “marks a return to the classic techno-thriller. With a plot that could be ripped from the front pages of tomorrow's headlines Weber delivers the real deal. China, with the earth's largest population, the largest and increasingly capable armed forces, equipped with nuclear-tipped intercontinental missiles, is moving aggressively. Their goal: hegemony over the Pacific starting with the establishment of strategic outposts along South and Central America's Pacific coast. The world's only credible obstacle to China's ambitions is the United States of America. Will China view the United States' role in a long-term war on terrorism as weakening American resolve in the South China Sea and Asia? From Washington to Beijing, Honolulu to Bangkok, Dancing with the Dragon is a page-turning thriller from start to cliff-hanging finish. Topical and candid, Weber's mastery of current affairs and technology shines through.”


According to the book description, Primary Target “is a gripping novel about everyone's worst nightmare... a full scale terrorist attack on America.  As the once-powerful Soviet Union descends into social and economic collapse, a group of hard-line Communists has devised a strategy to return their country to its former glory.  In league with the most ruthless militant extremists of the Middle East, they will hatch a plot to eliminate the one person with the power to stop them -- the president of the United States.  It is a scene played out many times before in the annals of international conflict, but this time, America isn't declaring a war against terrorism.  The terrorists are declaring war on America.”


According to the book description, Honorable Enemies “paints a chilling post-cold war scenario that might be taken from today’s headlines. Pearl Harbor has been attacked... again. This time, by a helicopter which strafes a Hawaiian cruise ship killing several Japanese tourists. The shock waves from the tragic attack go straight to Washington and Tokyo. In retaliation, American tourists are ambushed in Osaka. Relations between the two countries are deteriorating and threaten to escalate out of control. The White House assigns Steve Wickham from CIA and Susan Nakamura from FBI to get to the bottom of who is behind the attacks. They uncover a deadly conspiracy of enormous proportions reaching into the highest levels of the U.S. and Japanese governments.”

Rules of Engagement
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Targets of Opportunity
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Defcon One
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Honorable Enemies
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Assured Response: A Novel
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Dancing with the Dragon
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Primary Target
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According to the book description, Targets of Opportunity “is a novel about a secret war and the courage of the man who fought it. The Vietnam war is at its height, and Americans have acquired a Soviet-built MiG-17. Marine aviator Brad Austin has been recruited to test pilot it. The MiG is an aerial hotrod, crude yet lethally effective. But it’s not what Austin is flying, it’s where -- behind enemy lines... if he wins, America wins. If he loses, he dies alone.”


According to the book description, Rules of Engagement “is an exciting and provocative novel about the air war in Vietnam. Marine fighter pilot Brad Austin is caught in a war that divides America. He is snagged in government red tape that inhibits the military. Trapped in a one-on-one air battle with the Vietnamese ace who'd terrorized the skies for years... Austin decides to break the rules.”

According to the book description Shadow Flight, “is a chilling international scenario of Soviet denial and American desperation. A U.S.B-2 Stealth bomber, Shadow 37, has disappeared while on a training mission. Its hijackers are unknown but its destination is Cuba. The salvation of U.S. technological secrets rests in the hands of CIA agent Steve Wickham. His mission: Recovery of Shadow 37.”


According to the book description Defcon-One “is a prophetic novel about the world’s two superpowers. The United States and the Soviet Union are poised on the brink of Armageddon. Glasnost has failed. Russia is economically desperate. And, Gorbachev’s successor has launched a "first strike" in what may become World War III. Only one man knows the full extent of the impending horror - a CIA operative trapped in the Kremlin. Agent Steve Wickham is his only hope for escape.”

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