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Jeffrey Martin

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Jeffrey Martin joined the United States Marine Corps in 1987.  He served through Operation Desert Storm and was discharged in 1992 at the rank of Corporal (E4).  He was an assistant Chief of Police for a rural community in Northeast Iowa in 1998/99 when he took a position with the Department of Veterans Affairs Police Service in October of 1999.  After seven years with the VA Police, he took an assignment with the Department of Homeland Security, working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  In 2007, he returned to the VA Police. Jeffrey Martin is the author of Lucifer’s Calling, Dead Holiday, 3:16, Deadly Demented, House of Misery, Misery Unleashed and the co-author Forsaken.

According to the book description 3: 16, “For most people, an experience with social networking helps them connect with new acquaintances and bridge the gap between long-lost friends. But one man has adopted its resources to fulfill a more sinister agenda. Brandon Thornley uses the database to search for potential victims as he feeds his thirst for blood. What Brandon doesn't realize is that someone has accepted his request...and this person is even more ruthless than him. New Haven Police Detective Patrick Morgan is assigned to investigate a string of ritualistic murders, which leads him to discover that the killer has left behind something valuable. Armed with the evidence he needs to bring a madman to justice, Detective Morgan sets his sights on his target. Unfortunately for him, he's not the only one, and his competition will do anything to ensure he fails.”

According to the book description Deadly Demented, “Vengeance is the itinerary of a man obsessed by his past. Lucifer has returned and, this time, his collection is awaiting its finest addition. Homicide Detective Kelli Jordan is called to investigate a grisly murder at a local gentleman's club, where the woman's death is only the beginning. Detective Jordan discovers a truth so revealing, it leads her to seek out someone who is familiar with how the killer operates. Will her newfound friend be able to help her end the madman's reign of terror, or does Lucifer, once again, slip away into the night? Only time will tell.”

According to the book description of Lucifer’s Calling, “Lucifer is his name... creating masterpieces and autographing the dead is his twisted protocol. Homicide Detective Brian Jeffers is sent to the scene of a triple murder, where Lucifer has left a cryptic message for all to see. What Detective Jeffers uncovers tells him Lucifer is not only killing, he's using a drug to render his victims defenseless. Jeffers enlists the help of Medical Examiner, Dr. Alan Sanderson, and his good friend and fellow investigator, Toby Wall. They provide insight into Lucifer's methodology and give Jeffers the knowledge he needs to end the madman's reign of terror. Detective Jeffers familiarity of the criminal mind is certain to be tested, as Lucifer decides to pinpoint someone close to Jeffers to add to his collection. Will the intelligent and devious killer be caught, or slip back into the darkness undetected?”

Vanilla Heart Publishing said of Lucifer’s Calling, “Martin weaves a terrifying tale of a brilliant serial killer and skillfully intertwines his own years of police procedural experience into the story through the actions and emotions of Homicide Detective Brian Jeffers.  Part thriller, part suspense, and all spellbinder, with an intriguing back-story, laden with descriptive and interesting subplots, Lucifer’s Calling is a story that brings the reader into the lives of the characters, through masterful storytelling, superb dialogue, and scenes so deftly shared that readers can’t help but become immersed in the lives of the characters and absorbed with the heart-stopping developments along the way.”

Greg DeLay said of Lucifer’s Calling, “A terrifying story that drags, not draws, the reader deep into the dark world of a serial killer. The author uses such descriptive imagery I could easily feel the cool night air in the park, hear the muffled screams of the victims, and even see the bloody results of Lucifer’s obsession. Wonderful story, scary and intense!”

Billie Anne Callow said of Lucifer’s Calling, ““Great read. Lucifer’s Calling is just the first Jeff Martin book, at least, I hope it is just the first! ” Craig Silverman said of Lucifer’s Calling,  it “had me sitting in my reading chair spellbound- and reading it all the way to the grisly end in one sitting! This author uses every bit of police background and knowledge to create a credible, frightening story with all the intensity of a great TV movie…late at night…when you are home alone.”

One reader said of Lucifer’s Calling, “Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lamb has found a new partner! I read all the time and I can’t wait for a sequel. I always look for new authors and this guy is going to be worth keeping my eye on!”

Another reader said of Lucifer’s Calling, “What a phenomenal thriller! This book keeps you on the edge of your seat. Beautifully detailed, scary, wonderful characters who have depth - very well done! A must read!”

According to the book description Dead Holiday, “Receiving a Christmas card from most people is supposed to invoke feelings of joy and holiday spirit. However, one couple has decided a card from them marks you for death. Ryan Hempstead and Astor Chesley formerly worked for retail conglomerate Plaxton’s Superstores. They conspire to hold select employees and even a few customers captive as they deliver their own holiday message. Marcona Police Chief Mark Blakenship is finishing his Christmas Eve shopping when he is thrust into the middle of the two’s revenge. Will Blakenship be able to stop the rampage, or will he be a victim of this Dead Holiday?”

Lucifer's Calling
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Dead Holiday
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3: 16
Jeffrey Martin  More Info

Deadly Demented
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Forsaken (The Author's Lab/Collaboration)
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House of Misery
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Misery Unleashed
Jeffrey Martin  More Info

According to the book description Forsaken, “A calling card written in blood is the signature for a killer roaming the hills of Cutter’s Pass. Detective Steve Creighton and his team from Gelati Scoop Investigations have been assigned the grisly task to stop the madman at all cost. What they discover sends them on a manhunt, leading to one of their own. Will they be able to stop the one who calls himself Forsaken, before he quenches his taste for an inhumane delicacy? Only time will tell.”

According to the book description House of Misery, “Trestle Press Spring Submission Contest Winner Jeffrey Martin weaves a compelling drama that is sure to bring chills to your spine. This is one mystery/suspense digital short story that has elements of grave danger and terrible horror. What is in the House of Misery and who really haunts it? Does this story have a happy ending? What do you think?”

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