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J. F. Cronin

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Major General J.F. Cronin, USMC (ret.) "holds a masters degree in international relations from Salve Regina University. He served as base commander of Quantico, was Chair of the Marine Reserve Policy Board and as a commanding general of the 4th Marine Aircraft Wing."  Major General J.F. Cronin is the author of An Inconvenient War: Duty, Honor, Money: The Beginning and Duty, Honor, Money: Volume II: Afghanistan.

According to the book description of An Inconvenient War: Duty, Honor, Money: The Beginning, "Lieutenant Colonel Jake Gregg is a marine recruiters dream: handsome, well-respected, and on the fast track to making general. As an on-ground commander during the Gulf War, Colonel Jake led his troops into multifaceted battles, minimized dangers for his marines, and squashed all attempts to reward his outstanding leadership with a medal. But as the war ends and several years pass, the neoconservatives are not happy. They want the regime of Iraq overthrown. It is 2000 when Jake, who is known for fighting his superiors as much as the enemy, is relieved of his duties as director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. As he begins his new role as general at Quantico, he assigns Major Fran Matthews, who knows all too well about the negative effects of being a woman in the military, to create a security plan for the Capitol area base. But when America is suddenly attacked on 9/11, everything changes for the neocons, Jake, and Fran as a new war begins in Afghanistan. An Inconvenient War is the tale of a seasoned military commander who embarks on a journey to not only fight in wars but also to battle Washington leaders who are determined to achieve their goalseven if others must pay for their choices in blood."


According to the book description of Duty, Honor, Money: Volume II: Afghanistan, "Lieutenant Xavier Moran, USMC, better known as "X" is out of the Afghanistan battlefield-his first reprieve in over sixty days. As he arrives at the sprawling airbase at Bagram with nothing more than a pack, a weapon, and a reputation for getting things done, he secretly wishes he was back in the fight, where life is helter-skelter. When he is assigned a tough mission by Colonel Fran Matthews, X has no idea he is about to become immersed in the rampant corruption that surrounds the Afghan war. Assigned to assume command of an isolated marine rifle company in disarray, X faces many challenges, including bringing casualties in line with operations, raising the marine's morale, and facing off with the current battalion commander. As he heads to Kotjay to begin his mission, X is apprehensive. He must succeed; failure could mean the end of his career-or the end of his life. In this action-packed military tale, X bravely stands up to the entrenched powers in Afghanistan. Caught between doing what is right and doing what is expected, he makes powerful enemies intent on ensuring his failure. Only time will tell if they will be successful."

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