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Charles E. Wilcox

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Charles E. Wilcox, USMC “was a combat trained Marine who served with the Second Marine. He graduated from the University of San Francisco and went on to earn an MBA from University of Phoenix. Previously employed in plant operation management and contract negotiations, he currently lives with his wife, Rita, in Dana Point, California.” Charles E. Wilcox is the author of A Reluctant Assassin.

According to the book description of A Reluctant Assassin, “As Sergeant Oscar Wylton, a six-foot-two, 196-pound marine lines up to exit the rear door of a CH-53S Sea Dragon helicopter, he knows that he has less than a 10 percent chance of surviving his assignment. As he parachutes into a pit of darkness over the rough terrain near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, Wylton has no idea that what he thinks is his final mission as an assassin will not be his last.

Wylton has served his country well, distinguishing himself in high-risk conflicts in Bosnia and Afghanistan; but after he retires from the Marines and begins a business with his wife, she suddenly divorces him and severs their professional partnership. Left jobless and out of options, Wylton reluctantly becomes a hired hit man targeting society's miscreants who, through legal flukes, have avoided prosecution. But when the stakes are raised and he is assigned to kill a well-protected Mafia boss, Wylton must rely on his training and quick-thinking skills to avoid capture by the FBI-or worse yet, his intended victim.

A Reluctant Assassin is a powerful story about one man's battle with morality, ethical choices, and personal loss as he faces the greatest challenge of his life.”

A Reluctant Assassin
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