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Brian Lynch

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Brian Lynch, USMC “is the founder of lynchpyns, a digital content aggregator for college students as an alternative to textbooks. Over the past three years, he has personally visited over ten major college campuses, spoken to hundreds of students, testified before a congressional committee (ACSFA), and spoken at several industry conferences as well as universities evangelizing the concept.


Lynch also founded The Warrior Shield, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to serving the wounded warriors/veterans community & their families. The Warrior Shield aggregates & disseminates the plethora of digital content available via web service to serve the training and therapeutic needs of those suffering from PTSD, TBI, depression and the like, as well as those in need of training/therapy for resiliency, reintegration, suicide awareness, meditation and mindfulness. He (as Warrior Shield) is a member of the American Red Cross’s Community Blueprint, and has submitted The Warrior Shield concept to the White House for consideration of support from the Joining Forces Community Challenge. The Warrior Shield is also working closely with the David Lynch Foundation’s Operation Warrior Wellness, Outdoor Odyssey and South Florida Adventures. 

Lynch is currently the COO for The Wall, a creative content agency specializing in connecting brands to their audiences through innovative communications solutions. Prior to The Wall, he served as SVP for Engage Play Technologies, where he helped pioneer the world’s first casual/skill-based game and social destination dedicated to providing high value member engagement for loyalty programs. He’s a former VP of Global Sales for a digital entertainment firm, as well as SVP for start-up media firm serving the US travel industry, specifically the airline, rail, maritime and rental car markets. During this time, he was personally responsible for establishing the pro bono campaign with the American Red Cross to provide media players to the wounded warriors at Walter Reed (WRAMC) and Bethesda (NNMC).


Lynch also served with two global staffing firms, Manpower and Kforce specializing in accounting and finance, healthcare and professional services with an extensive HR specialty background.


Lynch served in the enlisted and officer ranks of The United States Marine Corps for nearly 15 years, with vast experience in small and large scale reconnaissance, light armor and infantry operations in Special Operations Capable units. He is well-versed in comprehensive TQM, TQL, was selected as a visionary board member to help chart twenty-first century operations policy, and is the architect of several formal school programs of instruction.  He has a BS in Communications from Norwich University, and an MA in International Relations from the USMC Command & Staff College. Lynch lives in South Florida with his wife and six children.”  Brian Lynch is the author of Thorn in my Pride: a novel of the L.A. riots of 1992.

According to the book description of Thorn in my Pride: a novel of the L.A. riots of 1992, “A novel based on actual events from 1992, this is the untold story of a group of young U.S. Marines dispatched to Los Angeles to put a stop to the violence and unrest. Thorn in my Pride is written by a Marine officer that was there on the ground leading Marines. During the Rodney King riots, Black America and White America looked at each other as strangers. But not the Marines. There, in the most egalitarian of organizations, black man and white man stood shoulder to shoulder as brothers, and showed us the best of who we can be. There is something magnetic in these smart, disciplined, cheerful brothers in arms willing to die for one another, and sworn to a patriotic cause greater than themselves. The United States Marines in this book are, as they are so often, sent in search of monsters to destroy. They ended up, as they do so often, reining in those darker angels of our national character and figuring it out as they went.


Confronting vivid racism, bigotry and violence head-on, the Marines in Los Angeles are troubled most by their citizenry – the people whose constitution they support and defend. They go about their business as a team, multicultural, multiracial, but as one. And the people take notice. Released just before the twentieth anniversary of the most egregious and pervasive civil disturbance in the history of the United States, Thorn in my Pride is not a war story, rather a tale of learning tolerance, coexistence and acceptance. And the inadvertent teachers are barely out of their teens.”

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