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Bill Muckler

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Captain Bill Muckler, USMC (ret.) "was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He graduated from Christian Brothers College High School (an Army Junior ROTC School). He received a B.A. in Psychology (Personnel Management) from the University of Missouri-Columbia. While at Mizzou he spent two years in the Air Force ROTC.

Upon graduation, Bill successfully completed the USMC Officer Candidate Course in Quantico, Virginia and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant. He spent four and one-half years on active duty and then eleven years as a Ready Reservist. He holds the permanent rank of Captain and held a Top Secret Security Clearance.

As an entrepreneur, Bill founded Muckler Typographic Corporation in St. Louis, MO. He was the owner and operator of that small business which provided typography services for Ad Agencies, Art Studios, Printers and Lithographers for 10 years.

Bill has been a Work Process Management Professional for 40 years and eventually as an owner and director of his consultancy. His firm assessed business operations, conducted management and leadership training, and implemented process solutions as a problem solver in energy, mining, manufacturing, construction, fabrication, assembly, technology, food processing, health care and communications at more than 300 locations.

Bill has three children: Angela, Christa and Christian; five grandchildren and one great granddaughter. He has lived in St. Louis, Columbia, Ferguson and St. Charles in Missouri. Quantico, Virginia. Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii. Panama City, Marco Island, St. Augustine and Cocoa, Florida. He has worked in, visited or travelled to 45 states, eleven countries and numerous islands in many seas."

Captain Bill Muckler is the author of 20/20: A Clear Vision for America.


According to the book description, “20/20 Vision: A Clear Vision for America” is a call to action. Each of us should adopt the enthusiasm of this Vision. What an America we could have again if we would begin to change or restore the pillars of our republic. Here is what our United States of America could be, what it should be. The contents of this book contain the sovereign nation that Jefferson and Madison envisaged. “20/20” becomes the appropriate name for this work. 

Everyone from elementary school through high school senior and on to senior citizen need to read and reflect on these solutions as they prepare for their solemn responsibility of casting ballots to determine the future course of the republic. The United States is at a crisis point. Dysfunction in Washington is rampant. 

The economy is crumbling. The country is on the wrong course and on the verge of passing away. The 20/20 Vision brings analytical based common sense solutions to make America “whole” again. 

“20/20: A Clear Vision for America” creates substantial solutions which explain how to reinstate our Constitution, bring prosperity to all, and how to give our children a bright future. 

The “20/20” Vision tells what is wrong with modern-day America. It guides us down a path few tread, to reveal how this country lost its way, and then provides practical, “Founding Father” solutions to problems our flawed federal government has imposed on “We the People.” 

Twenty chapters explore each issue in depth and then provide sound solutions to prove how a small and limited federal government can balance the budget while it pays down the national debt. The “20/20” Plan identifies the value of eliminating more than 100 burdensome taxes and explores the gains realized when all Americans contribute to the economy. It shows that productivity flourishes from functional job training and real jobs for all, and demonstrates the benefit of educational vouchers for all children including home schooling.

 This book radiates the optimism of increased take-home pay of as much as 40 percent plus the joy of poverty eliminating wages. The pioneering spirit of the people is rejuvenated by the revival of the space program. The nation is electrified with a common purpose in a period of new exploration. 

The “20/20” Plan creates a safe, secure nation. The military is sustained and strengthened.

 Armed forces personnel receive a 20 percent increase in pay and benefits. The Veterans Administration is streamlined and accessible. The United States resigns from the United Nations and establishes a new organization free of corruption, built on the ideals of liberty. Foreign aid is eliminated and countries calling for help receive training and tools instead of dollars.

 Social Security recipients receive a 20 percent tax-free increase of up to $4,000 per year. 

Health care is privatized and affordable to all. Locked-down borders restore the lawful immigration process. The United States becomes energy independent. Confidence in Internet freedom is restored. Domestic spying is abolished. Current illicit drugs are re-legalized and subject to taxation. Non-violent prisoners are paroled, and enrolled, in established work programs. Civility is restored by invalidating Political Correctness. Term limits are imposed on Congress. The States affirm their rightful jurisdiction and authority. 

The “20/20” Vision is the escape plan from oppressive government tyranny. It unifies the United States. It creates an environment of excellence that is the platform for the youth of America to springboard to success. It urges citizens to learn the importance of love and respect for country, Constitution and one another. The “20/20” Plan teaches all citizens how critical each individual is to the success of this nation, and how vitally important it is to preserve a strong United States."

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