D.J. Stephens

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D.J. Stephens served 10 years in the United States Army (August 1956 to June 1965) attaining the rank of E-7.  While in the military, he competed as a member of the Division rifle team and parachuted for a Post skydiving team.  After his military service he spent the next 40 years involved in the computer industry; working in every capacity from programmer to company president.  Recently, he made a career change and became the general manager of a company which specializes in vehicles for the physically impaired.  D. J. Stephens is the author of two novels and several short stories.


His first novel, Bearkiller, “is a fast paced adventure novel that takes a man from the present to over two hundred years in the past, to possibly a past life!  Jeff Barkil has a passion for hunting.  It seems to have been an integral part of his being since he was a boy.  But he has never known why he is so drawn to it.” 


His second novel, HALO, is titled after the military acronym for High Altitude Low Opening; a parachute technique used for the clandestine insertion of military personnel.  According to his book description, “The story takes place between the years 1958 and 1961, a period between the French surrender and expulsion from Vietnam, and the U.S. admitting they had troops in the country. Sergeant Barkil takes you on eleven harrowing missions including his time as a prisoner of the Viet Cong. You are taken from one mission to the next as Sergeant Barkil comes to terms with being a hired assassin while at the same time carrying out his missions and fighting to stay alive.”

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D.J. Stephens  More Info

My Hero, My Dad
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Memoirs of a Gypsy Moth
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