D. Clayton Meadows

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Of Ice And Steel: A Cataclysmic International Conflict Across Space And Time.
D. Clayton Meadows  More Info

D. Clayton Meadows  More Info

According to William McDonald of The American Author Association, “There are very few books that you read and tell yourself that this would make for a great action movie. However, in "Of Ice And Steel" author D. Clayton Meadows makes you see and actually feel those visual mental pictures unfolding in your mind as you read his book. He is truly a gifted writer. He displays his creative writing style with the greatest of skill as he treats us to an unbelievable tale that he makes you accept as possible.


This book has a little of everything that a good submarine story should have including a cast of well-defined characters and a great dialog. The real twist to this war adventure is that it crosses over into science fiction. You will not read another story like this one ever! The action and the pace of the book move the plot right along. It is a spellbinding thriller that you will not be able to out down until you find out what happens.


The plot deals with what happens when a German U-Boat crew emerges from suspended animation in the artic ocean. They find themselves in the modern world of the future still trying to carry out their mission from World War II. They go up against a world that has changed and the result is what makes this a great yarn.”

Even at an early age, D. Clayton Meadows planned a life under the sea. He saved allowances and did jobs around local farms to earn money for books about submarines. After high school D. Clayton Meadows enlisted in the United States Navy. After graduating Submarine School, D. Clayton Meadows was assigned to USS RAY SSN 653. D. Clayton Meadows completed the rigorous submarine qualification process in half the normal time. It was on USS RAY that D. Clayton Meadows participated in the first ever surfacing of three United States nuclear submarines at the North Pole. 

Between deployments he began building highly detailed submarine models. After his tour on USS RAY D. Clayton Meadows was assigned to NAVAL SUBMARINE TORPEDO FACILITY where he maintained and tested the Navy’s MK-48, and ADCAP torpedoes. On shore duty and with more time on his hands D. Clayton Meadows began building fully submersible, highly detailed radio controlled submarines.

In 1989 he married his wife Susan. Following his shore tour he was assigned to USS MIAMI SSN 755, D. Clayton Meadows relocated to Groton Connecticut. In August 1990, D Clayton Meadows was transferred to USS DALLAS SSN 700. During this time DALLAS participated in Operation Desert Storm. While deployed in support of the war effort D. Clayton Meadows received word that his wife had given birth to their first son. Upon return from deployment, D. Clayton Meadows organized the first ever model submarine regatta. This event is now an annual affair and draws thousands from all over the world.

D. Clayton Meadows was now a First Class Torepdoman, he qualified and stood the watch as Diving Officer; the only First Class to stand that duty. USS DALLAS deployed again this time far north. Details of that operation remain classified. D. Clayton Meadows was awarded a second son on his return from the Arctic. Completing his tour on USS DALLAS Meadows was detailed to NAVAL SUBMARINE SCHOOL.

D. Clayton Meadows began writing articles for various magazines dealing with model submarines, and naval history. By now his writing and models were winning awards and in demand. His models grace the desks of government leaders, celebrities, and collectors. In September of 1995 D. Clayton Meadows was advanced to the prestigious rank of Chief Petty Officer. A year later he was at sea again, this time as Torpedo Division leading Chief on the Improved Los Angeles Class USS SPRINGFIELD SSN 761. He deployed three times while on SPRINGFIELD. While on board he began his first novel. He only worked on the manuscript while the ship was submerged.

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