Cory B. Harris

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Cory B. Harris has over 13 years of military and law enforcement experience.  He has served with The United States Air Force, Little Rock Police Department (Arkansas), United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the United States Marshal Service.  Cory Harris served in the U.S. Air Force from 1992 to 1996 and was honorably discharged at the rank of E-4. He has training and experience in field training, crime prevention, investigations, operations, apprehension, and protection.  He is also a recipient of the Little Rock Police Department’s Medal of Merit.  Cory B. Harris is the author of Zipper Le Series One: Outlook on Leadership And Liability Issues in the Criminal Justice System and The Child/Adult Safety Bible.

According to the book description of, Zipper Le Series One: Outlook on Leadership And Liability Issues in the Criminal Justice System.  Cory B. Harris’ book, “takes you behind the badge to examine tough issues in the criminal justice system. It tackles civil liability, race, and leadership issues to name a few from the outlook of the author. The author gives examples using his own experiences that are simple and easy to understand to give the reader unique insight. The book contains many case studies, and stories that are interesting yet they have a simple meaning. The book explores how different groups of people look at these issues in different ways, as well as how important it is for criminal justice officials to stay mentally fit.”

According to the book description of The Child/Adult Safety Bible, “The clear and easy communicator master articulator is back for a second book, this time the focus is the safety and security of us all. In this book Cory B. Harris tackles some serious issues that pose a threat to someone every day. With a nearly 20 year track record of public service Cory Harris shares his insights on everything from sexual abuse of children, and home security, to domestic battery involving adults, this is a must read, you won't do things the same ever again after you do, the author exposes dangers that most people don't even realize exist. Knowledge is key and the author's intent is to fill you with as much as you can hold, these are serious issues on which the author reports the unfiltered truth, read this book and then pass it on to a friend this book will become a valuable resource in every home before it's all said and done.”

ZIPPER L E SERIES ONE: : Outlook on Leadership and Liability Issues in the Criminal Justice System (Zipper L E Series One)
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