Cold War

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Servicemembers who have written about the Cold War.

Christopher S. Adams, Jr., USAF

Stephen A. Bourgue, USA

Walter J. Boyne, USAF

Donald M. Buchwald, USA

John M. Collins, USA

John Lewis Cook, USA

James H. Critchfield, USA

John A. Fahey, USN

Dale R. Herspring, USN

James R. Holbrook, USA

Peter A. Huchthausen, USN

Albin F. Irzyk, USA

James S. Ketchum, USA

Jud McLester, USAF

Dominik George Nargele, USMC

Alfred S. McLaren, USN

Harold Wade, USAF

Rising Tide: The Untold Story Of The Russian Submarines That Fought The Cold War
Gary E. Weir  More Info

Selected books by servicemembers who have written about the Cold War.

Inside The Cold War: A Cold Warrior's Reflections
Chris Adams  More Info

Licensed to Spy: With the Top Secret Military Liaison Mission in East Germany
John A. Fahey  More Info

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