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John M. Manahan

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Master Chief John M. Manahan, USCG (ret.) is the author of L/E PAT: Law Enforcement Patrol.  According to the book description, “Joseph James (J.J.) O’Brien joined the Coast Guard to save lives, and he likes his job. Every day of duty is different, and on any given weekend he may assist 10 to 20 civilian boaters in distress. This weekend will be even more different as he finds that he and his crew are to perform yet another new duty: law enforcement. On their first law enforcement patrol, the crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Point Camden find themselves in the middle of a foreign government’s plot to kill Americans. The calm waters of Southern California are brought to a boil as the crew deals with government agents, spies, bombs, and bullets. J.J. finds himself fighting for his life once again behind a machine gun back in another war: the war on drugs.”

One reader of L/E PAT: Law Enforcement Patrol said, “Master Chief John Manahan's gripping account of drug wars on the high seas is pure fiction (he says in his disclaimer) but it reads like a real live action report. From the first chapter, it's obvious Manahan follows the first rule for writers: Write what you know. Manahan writes what he knows, and after a career that took him to the rank of master chief petty officer, the highest level a non-commissioned officer can reach in the U.S. Coast Guard, Manahan knows a lot! The action seems like it's really happening. But be on guard for a dramatic story that is immensely complex, where you'll meet individual crew members of a battery of ships with a variety of missions that will challenge your ability to keep them sorted out. But the loose ends are all tied up masterfully in an action-packed finale.”

L/E PAT: Law Enforcement Patrol
John M. Manahan Master Chief USCG (Retired)  More Info

One reader of L/E PAT: Law Enforcement Patrol said, “John Manahan's L/E PAT is definitely a story you don't want to put down and most certainly don't want to end. The characters are lively and endearing and the multiple story lines certainly keep the reader on his/her toes! The descriptive language, engaging dialogue between characters, and shocking twists really makes this a must read for any action lover!”

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