George E. Krietemeyer

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Captain George E. Krietemeyer, USCG (ret.) is the editor of the ninth edition of the Coast Guardsman Manual.  According to one recent reader, “I am in the Coast Guard myself and when I was in boot camp they even handed out copies of this book to us to learn what we needed to know about the USCG. It covers everything from a brief history to customs and courtesies and to Maritime Law Enforcement. It talks about the different knots we use and how to properly tie the knot. There's history on the USCG's uniforms and the different ships we use to the different jobs that we offer. It's a great book for all and I even find myself at times referring to it whenever I need to know something! So I recommend it for anyone who is entering the Coast Guard, looking to up their seamanship skills or just want a refresher!”

The Coast Guardsman's Manual
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