Carter Burke

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Carter Burke has a background in the military and communications. He has served in the Active Army and its National Guard component; he is currently serving in the California Army National Guard as a Specialist (E-4).  Carter Burke has traveled the world, but currently resides in Southern California.  Above all, writing is the passion that consumes him. He spends his free time in the company of friends and family.


Carter Burke is the author of Bounded Allegiance.   According to the book description, Bounded Allegiance is “a fast-paced, action-packed adventure that tugs at the bonds of friendship, loyalty and trust, Bounded Allegiance is a thrill ride that places you firmly in the battle. Follow the men and women of Earth's military as they face victory and defeat in action against a desperate alien adversary.


In the future, wars are conducted on a planetary scale. Join Earth's global military in the last battle of the Kathean War. Years of conflict have culminated in this final offensive on the kathean homeworld of Tretaas.


Discover the role Zero Group, a shadow organization, has to play in the hostilities as they commandeer a small band of soldiers for a clandestine operation against a secret alien research facility. What is Zero Group's mission and the ultimate motivation of their leadership? Whose interests do they truly serve?”

Bounded Allegiance
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