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Banner Advertising is offered on each page of the websites in our network.  However, it is only offered in the left hand column near the top of the page.  If the page is available, the space is occupied by Google Ad words.  There are four levels of Banner Advertising and they are sold in one-year increments.

Type Description Annual Price
A Homepages $3600
B Listed in the navigation links on homepage $2800
C Listed off a navigation linked pages $1500
D Miscellaneous (such as individual writers) $1000

Below is a listing of websites for which advertising is available:

U.S. Military Leadership
Forensic Science Online
Homeland Security
Leadership: Texas Hold 'em Style
Criminal Justice Degree Online
Hi Tech Criminal Justice
Police Leadership
Police Writers
Military Writers
Police Technology
LAPD Authors
Firefighter Books
NYPD to LAPD: An Introduction to Policing
Police Cars
Police Radio
Special Weapons and Tactics
Private Investigator
Civil Service
Crime and Criminological Theory
Criminal Justice Online - Management Analysis Techniques for Manager
Criminal Justice Ethics
Computer Crime
Criminal Justice Policy
Criminal Justice Supervision
Minorities and Criminal Justice
Police Administration
Police Misconduct
Principles of Investigation and Reporting
Private Security and Criminal Justice
Terrorism and Criminal Justice
Law Enforcement Function
Public Management Information Systems
Marine Corps Gifts
Air Force Gifts
Navy Gifts
Army Gifts
Coast Guard Gifts
Police Officer Gifts

Special Advertising:

Advertising on the Criminal Justice Forum is sold in one-month increments.  The are ten rotating spots available. The cost per ad is current $1000 per month.

General Information:
Statistics on page views, readers, conversion rates, etc. are not disclosed.  We suggest you check the major search engines for the terms and phrases applicable to your needs - if one of these sites is listed the advertising is for you. 

Getting Started:

1.    Send an email to with the following information:
       a. The page(s) you wherein you want your banner to appear.
       b. Contact information.
       c. The banner and link and/or the java script code you would like used.

2.    The banner will be placed and you will be billed via a PayPal invoice.  Payment is
       expected within 72 hours.



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