Arnold A. Gibbs

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Chief Arnold A. Gibbs was born in the Bahamas and raised in Miami.  Chief Gibbs has a BA from Barry University as well as a Master’s in Management from St. Thomas University.  Chief Arnold Gibbs is a decorated US Army veteran, having served three years including a one-year tour in Vietnam.  At the age of 22, he joined the Miami Police Department.  During his law enforcement career with the Miami Police Department he earned the Miami Police Department Medal of Honor and rose to the rank of assistant chief.  In 1994, he retired from the Miami Police Department and became the Chief of Police for the Cape Coral Police Department (Florida).  He retired from the Cape Coral Police Department after ten years of service.  Chief Arnold Gibbs is the author of The Ties That Blind and Where Are the Champions: A Simple Approach to Effective Criminal Justice and Social Reform.


According to the book description of The Ties That Blind, it “is quite appropriate to the time in consideration of the present growth of interest in religious and spiritual matters.  Additionally, much of the story’s prophetic content is extremely relevant to the events of September 11, 2001, although the book was completed prior to that date.The author skillfully depicts the realities of racial prejudice; much of the violence being recounted from his experience, while driving home the point that love always conquers hate.  It is a true inspiration to people of faith, criminal justice practitioners, and those who fight for racial equality and brotherly love.”


According to a reader of The Ties That Blind, “Arnold's portrayal of the pains of prejudice inflicted on the innocent broke my heart, but with each turn of the page he showed how love, honor and loyalty to one's beliefs can overcome even the most deeply imbedded hatred. A truly inspiring story you won't want to put down!”


Another reader said, “This was one of the most interesting and saddening depictions of race and prejudice in America. Nowhere has the truth been portrayed in a more realistic and sobering fashion. Arnold Gibbs captures the essence of the era, and reveals the truth about the hurt and pain of injustice. I would highly recommend this to student of justice, and American History.”

The Ties That Blind
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Where Are the Champions: A Simple Approach to Effective Criminal Justice and Social Reform
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