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William Beck

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William Beck, USA “was born in Jefferson, Ohio near the shores of Lake Erie. After completing college he volunteered for service in the U.S. Army during the later years of the Vietnam War. William Beck’s “is a PADI certified scuba diver and underwater photographer. Beck is also an accomplished practitioner of the martial arts in Go Ju style karate and holds the rank of Sho Dan. Pistol marksman is another talent Beck possess and enjoys occupying his time with. Beck’s father was a master baker, and Beck acquired much of his culinary skills observing his parents practicing their talents as he was growing up. The latest aspiration for William Beck is studying to be a pilot. It has been a desire of his for many years and he looks forward to receiving his ‘wings.’ Beck enjoys spending his time between Florida and New England with family and friends when he is not in the Nashville, Tennessee area writing.” William Beck is the author of H.A.A.R.P.'s Fury RED 7 and Caribbean Agenda.

According to the book description of Caribbean Agenda,  "Sara Jennings, a young Miami attorney, is missing. Bryson McGann makes a grisly find at the bottom of a deep water reef in the Gulf of Mexico. The dead woman looks exactly like Roni Canton, sister of his lifelong friend, Joe T.C. Canton. Without warning, Roni disappears, eliciting a desperate search that catapults McGann and Canton across the Caribbean Basin and into Central America. This addictive thriller moves at light speed in a breathless race against time, and for Roni Canton, the ultimate outcome remains uncertain."


According to the book description of H.A.A.R.P.'s Fury, “Hidden in remote, northwestern Alaska, Project H.A.A.R.P. is now complete, it's true intent known only to top officials in the military's 'black ops' project. When a team of high-ranking military officials arrive to observe the final project test, they discover an empty compound with only four letters scrawled in blood to provide a clue to the mystery. A decade later, Bryson McGann, employed by the National Earth Seas Agency, discovers a vast cache of a priceless mineral. The top secret ore has also caught the eye of a ruthless Canadian businessman, Fletcher Durnulqc. McGann meets Durnulqc at a gala hosted by Durnulqc in honor of a surprise rescue of his assistant, Monique Sinclair. Shortly after their meeting, abnormal and dangerous weather patterns begin a cycle of unprecedented destruction and chaos. Could Durnulqc be involved and tied in with the mysterious devastation of the H.A.A.R.P. Project? McGann finds himself in a race against time to solve the mystery and avoid a power struggle that could forever change the face of the planet and cost the lives of millions.”


One reader of H.A.A.R.P.'s Fury said, “When I found out about the HAARP Project in Alaska, I was hoping someone would write a novel about it. William Beck has done that with exceptional style. A suspenseful, intriguing mystery awaits the reader. Beck's style lies somewhere between Clancy and Cussler and it does not disappoint! Great characters and a believable premise won't let you put it down until you turn the last page. A potential for a blockbuster!”


One reader of H.A.A.R.P.'s Fury said, “Awesome. I couldn't put it down. I've never read anything by William Beck before, but I will be looking for the next one he writes. When I finished the last page, I just took a deep breath. If this HAARP works like he alludes too, no wonder there is such crazy weather everywhere.”


One reader of RED 7 said, “I have been waiting for the release of RED 7 by William Beck. After reading his first Bryson McGann novel, H.A.A.R.P.'S FURY, I was hooked! Beck makes it all too real in this page-turning adventure. The possibilities are frighteningly real as an unbridled Washington, D.C. cabal attempts to take the reins. If you don't buy this you are missing one of the year's best reads!”




According to the book description of RED 7, “The inexplicable disappearance of two honeymooners in the Pacific, the surprise unearthing of an ancient Viking ship and mysterious copper ingot in Vermont, the discovery of the incredible Oduru diamond-seemingly unrelated events-lead Bryson McGann into a tangled plot that, if allowed to succeed, will have disastrous consequences for the entire civilized world. His efforts to connect the dots place him on the front lines of a deadly gun battle in the streets of Amsterdam. Fighting for his life, he is shocked by the recognition of a disturbing face from his past. Stephan "The Greek" Kholos, an arch nemesis of McGann, is hell-bent on retribution through a cabal whose actions are centered around a plot hatched by the treasonous Washington, D.C. based Carlton Trust. Their plans include total disruption of the world's economies through destruction of global financial markets and replacement of the world's G-8 leaders with duplicitous impostors. Their goal is nothing less than world domination. In this action-packed sequel to H.A.A.R.P.'S FURY, Bryson McGann faces nearly impossible odds in his efforts to thwart "The Greek" and Carlton Trust in their sinister gamble for unlimited power. Not only his life, but the lives of millions of others hinge on his ability to solve the riddles. For the world, time is running out.”

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