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Wayne D. Ford

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Dr. Wayne D. Ford is a former Oakland Police Department officer.  After his 3-year enlistment in the United States Army he joined the Concord Police Department (California), in 1967.  He stayed at Concord for seven months before joining the Oakland Police Department (California).  During his seventeen years in law enforcement he would serve as a police officer, training officer, sergeant and investigator.


Dr. Wayne Ford’s experiences in law enforcement and his education are the genesis of his writings.  For instance, as a police officer he was involved in a number of stressful incidents such as a lethal-force confrontation with a shotgun wielding suspect.  Wayne prevailed in that confrontation, killing the suspect. Later, in 1975, Dr. Wayne Ford had a heart attack while on-duty.


Dr. Wayne Ford is the author of Managing Police Stress; The Accelerated Job Search; Breakthrough Technical Recruiting; The Firefighter's Guide to Managing Stress; The Attorney's Guide to Stress Management; How to Spot a Liar in a Job Interview; How to Spot a Phony Resume; Nursing Home Leadership; The Recruiting and Retention Handbook; Salesperson's Stress Management Guide; and, Stress Management for Over-Achievers.


In addition to his writing, his post-policing career has included teaching and lecturing at the university level and his work with The Management Advantage, Inc., a consulting firm where he is a vice president. Ford’s writings have concentrated business and organizational management and leadership; and, stress management.  His book on Managing Police Stress, “teaches police professionals how to deal with the stress of gun battles, high-speed pursuits, confrontations, riots, and other disasters. According to the book, personal health and job effectiveness are at risk if these stresses are not properly managed. The book contains an explanation of the eight unique combinations of stress felt by every law enforcement officer, and how to effectively cope.”


While Ford’s solid writing on management issues is his hallmark, his most recent work, Soldier of the City, is an autobiographical account of policing in Oakland, California during the 1970s. In November 2004, The Northern Peace Officer (A Publication of the Alaska Peace Officers Association), reviewed Ford’s Soldier of the City, saying, “Return with Oakland Police Sergeant Wayne Ford to a time in Oakland, California, when crime was rampant, the public was afraid, and the police stood in between. Experience episodes of humor, tragedy, and courage told in a forthright and entertaining style.”


According to the book description of The Accelerated Job Search, “Dr. Wayne Ford shows readers how to get well organized and focus in quickly on obtaining a job that is the right one for them. Emphasis is on key actions that are necessary to locate that job quickly. The book features 28 speed tips placed strategically throughout. This easy-reading text shows what to do and what not to do in the search for a job. The many traps and pitfalls that job seekers often fall into are explained in detail. How to cut through the barriers and speed up each of the steps of the search helps readers to spend their quality time on the key activity areas.”


According to the book description of Breakthrough Technical Recruiting, “Dr. Wayne Ford shares with you the secrets of the top technical recruiters. He shows you how to find top technical job candidates, get employers to use your services, and critical negotiating tips. If you are a recruiter who wants to make more money, this is an invaluable resource.”


According to the book description of The Firefighter's Guide to Managing Stress, “Firefighters are special people in a special world. They face life-threatening events every day, taking responsibility for the safety of people in their community. Living with emergencies is stressful enough. Taking responsibility for the lives of others is sometimes overwhelming. This book shows firefighters how to cope with their stress to avoid personal health risks and diminished job effectiveness. Includes an audio cassette tape.”


According to the book description of The Attorney's Guide to Stress Management, “Driven by the need for billable hours, constant adversarial situations, the need to be right all the time, and the burden of a profession which suffers an inglorious image, attorneys have a special stress problem. This book shows legal professionals how to cope effectively with the stress that comes with their job, and how to avoid job performance problems along the way. Includes an audio cassette tape.”


According to the book description of How to Spot a Liar in a Job Interview, “An employer's guide to detecting those who speak falsely in interviews, assessment sessions, and all other communication when seeking employment.”


According to the book description of The Recruiting and Retention Handbook, “For the first time someone has brought together Recruiting and Retention to demonstrate that they form a continuous effort. Poor recruiting practices can increase turnover dramatically. High turnover can hurt recruitment results. Dr. Ford shows you how to maximize your recruiting impact and how to reflect savings at the financial bottom line due to improved retention activities. Countless checklists, process flows, reminders and examples.”


According to the book description of Salesperson's Stress Management Guide, “Constantly driving to make sales quotas, earn enough to pay the mortgage, and satisfy customers who seem to always want additional concessions brings more than a little stress to the lives of professional sales people. This book shows how professionals can cope with the stress they must face daily, and avoid negative job performance impact. Includes audio cassette tape.”


According to the book description of How to Spot a Phony Resume, “This book uncovers the tricks used by dishonest job hunters. It shows you how to protect your executives and your organization against hiring liability based on fabrications. In the contemporary world where HR professionals must deal with this problem every day, it is nice to know that one source can offer the help needed to prevent inappropriate hiring decisions.”

Breakthrough Technical Recruiting
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How to Spot a Phony Resume (2nd Ed)
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The Recruiting and Retention Handbook
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Managing Police Stress
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Nursing Home Leadership
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Stress Management for Over-Achievers
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Stress Management Exercises on Tape
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The Accelerated Job Search
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Soldier of the City: A True Police Journey of Humor, Tragedy and Courage
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The Firefighter's Guide to Managing Stress
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The Attorney's Guide to Stress Management
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Salesperson's Stress Management Guide
Wayne D., Ph.D. Ford  More Info

How to Spot a Liar in a Job Interview
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According to the book description of Nursing Home Leadership, “Methods for implementing quality processes to say ahead of competition. Both Administrators and Directors of Nursing have to rely on staff to accomplish all that must be done. Marketing to community and motivating staff sometimes conflict with enforcement agency requirements. This book explains how to meet the compelling needs of today's nursing home management in the face of all those various demanding constituencies.”


According to the book description of Stress Management for Over-Achievers, “This book has been designed for those people who's drive, commitments, and need for constant achievement cause them anxiety and stress. Over-achievers are unique in that they push themselves to avoid failure at all cost. Personal health often suffers as a result. This book shows them how to manage their stress while maintaining their ability to accomplish all that they wish. Includes audio cassette tape.”

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