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Warren Gardner MacDonald

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Warren Gardner MacDonald, USA, is the author of Mid-Century Warrior: A Soldier's Journey to Korea.  According to the book description, “This is a memoir account of the author's journey from a seventeen-year-old school boy, to a combat soldier during the Korean War. Reflecting back to the summer of 1950, utilizing his notes, U. S. Army records, and his memory, he has drawn a picture in words of his movement from the easy-going classroom life of high school, to an infantry-armor trained combat soldier. He takes you into his family background, and the why of his enlistment, and carries the reader through basic, advanced training and cadre duties of a 1950's army life. An assignment to a combat infantry regiment in a very hostile environment, with an enemy and weather that causes heavy casualties, is described in blunt detail. The combat described is real, and from the point of view of the "grunt" soldier, and not from the high command.”

One reader of Mid-Century Warrior: A Soldier's Journey to Korea said, “While reviewing the list of Andover (MA) veterans of WWII and Korea for an interview session, I discovered that Warren G. MacDonald had written a book on his experiences serving in the Korean War. Obviously I purchased a copy and was extremely pleased with what I read. His command of the English language is commendable and his writing techniques and capabilities make this a book you don't want to put down until you have finished it. His descriptions of the action are so vivid, you have no difficulty placing yourself in the center of the action. I would wholeheartedly recommend this book for anyone interested in the Korean conflict or military service in general.”

Mid-Century Warrior: A Soldier's Journey to Korea
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