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Tom Gauthier

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Tom Gauthier “was born in 1940 in California, and grew up after the war in Santa Barbara. As he writes, “Growing up in the 40’s and 50’s in Santa Barbara was a real life episode of Happy Days.” He is the oldest of five children of Donovan and Velma Gauthier.  After high school, Tom served first in the US Army as a combat intelligence analyst, and later in the Air Force Reserve as a Load Master on a C-119, “Flying Boxcar”.  Tom married young, and by his middle twenties had three children. In 1966 he finished his military career and began a civilian career that took him to every corner of the U.S. and Canada, and 20 countries.”  Tom Gauthier is the author of Mead's Trek, Code Name: ORION'S EYE and A Voyage Beyond Reason: Based on the Original Journals of Benjamin Wade.

According to the book description of Mead's Trek, “Marine Corps Major Amos Mead, a lawyer by education and a Special Agent for the FBI by trade, is recruited as an agent in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in early 1943. His latest mission: Assess the level of cooperation among the factions conducting the war against the Empire of Japan in the Asian Theater of Operations. Known only to a few, additional orders direct Major Mead to seek out a powerful Asian leader and investigate the possibility of the Vice President of the United States being involved in secret negotiations with Vietnamese Communists for a post-war alliance. En route to his assignment, unexpected life-threatening events befall Mead's team. The mission then takes on a new urgency—one of survival. Mead and his team are forced onto a trek in an enemy infested jungle that will test the limits of their mental toughness and physical endurance.”

According to the book description of Code Name: ORION'S EYE, “1943 World War II is raging. OSS officer Major Amos Mead tracks the elusive Nazi spy, Otto Hauptmann. Nazi Germany must steal the new radar technology. Mead must prevent it. From London and Berlin the race begins, finally converging in the South Pacific on the high seas where the lives of thirteen hundred men hang in the balance.”

According to the book description of A Voyage Beyond Reason: Based on the Original Journals of Benjamin Wade, “In 1996, twenty four year old Benjamin Wade sets out on a solo voyage in a tiny sea kayak. His goal lies 6,000 miles away - and deep within his own soul. The chance discovery of his journals, buried on a Colombian cliff above the sea, uncovers a mystery which took many years to finally solve. His journals tell of misery and elation, of triumph and failure, of insight and insanity. Does the man make the journey, or does the journey make the man? Follow the tiny kayak, and follow the mind of a young man set on a goal that no amount of torture can dissuade him from reaching, on a journey that brings him face to face with himself.”






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