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Steve Repak

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Steve Repak is “an Army veteran, transformational speaker and consultant. Steve was selected  the 1995 Fort Bliss, Texas Non Commissioned Officer of the Year and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Management Communications from Amridge University. He now works for himself as a successful Certified Financial Planner™ in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he lives with his wife and three children.”  Steve Repak is the author of Dollars & Uncommon Sense: Basic Training for Your Money.

According to the book description of Dollars & Uncommon Sense: Basic Training for Your Money, “Most people are living paycheck to paycheck and the average credit card holder is $15,799 in debt. If you are like most people you could be one paycheck away from financial disaster. In Dollars & Uncommon Sense: Basic Training for Your Money, Certified Financial Planner ™ and former US Army Sergeant Steve Repak outlines a strategy to change your misguided common sense ideas about money and learn to think like a true builder of wealth. Steve left the service with over $32,000 in credit card debt. Drawing on his 12 years of military experience in the Army he put his own finances through boot camp, getting himself out of debt and turning his finances around. Now Steve wants to help others do the same.”


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