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Steve Dixon

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Former United States Army Staff Sergeant Steve Dixon began his law enforcement career as a military police officer.  His entire career spanned 30 years and included retiring from the San Jose Police Department as a Sergeant of Police.  Steve Dixon is the author of Police Stories: Making One Bit of Difference.

According to the book description of Police Stories: Making One Bit of Difference, “On April 22, 1977, Steve Dixon became a police officer in Northern California. It was one of the proudest moments of his life. He promised himself to work hard and become the best cop he could be. It was going to be a great career. Four years later he was ready to quit in disgust. Some of his best friends did quit. In his new book, Police Stories: Making One Bit of Difference, Steve will show you what a police career is really like. You'll see the good cops who race to violent calls and put their lives on the line to protect others. And you'll see the bad cops who out of cowardice or laziness will not put themselves at risk to help a citizen or even another cop. And unbelievably, you'll see that some police departments treat their bad cops better than the good ones. So many good cops either quit or just give up and stop doing any kind of proactive police work. But there are a dedicated few who, despite working with lousy teammates and under poor leadership, still go out each day and make a difference in their communities. This book is a tribute to them. Hopefully, after reading it, you will gain a better appreciation for the good cops in your community. As you'll see, it is much easier to be a bad cop than a good one.”

One reader of Police Stories: Making One Bit of Difference said, “Had a good time reading this book. Lots of great stories and some good laughs. I think both cities in the book have darn good police departments with a lot of great people working for them. Unfortunately, many things in Steve's book ring true. Give it shot, you won't regret it.”

Police Stories: Making One Bit of Difference
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One reader of Police Stories: Making One Bit of Difference said, “I had the pleasure of having Sergeant Dixon instruct at my police academy. From the minute I first heard him speak about his career in our classroom, I could tell he still had a great passion for police work and he was my kind of police officer that I strived to be. Then when I heard he was writing a book about his personal experiences, I couldn't wait for him to finish it. As I read his book, I could just hear his funny wit and visualize his experiences. It was great that he included so much detail in the calls, because I knew just where they were as I live in Santa Clara.  An easy and enjoyable read. I read the whole book in two week because I found myself picking it up every free moment that I had.  A must read for new recruits on what the reality is about police departments in general.”

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