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Ronald von Freymann

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Ronald von Freymann “is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and the United States Army Ranger School and served as the administrator of the U.S. Army and Behavioral Sciences Research Laboratory. A combat command veteran, he has unique insight into the difficulty to detect and neutralize terrorist cells before they act. He resides with his wife, Janet, among residences in Avalon, Catalina, California’s Central Coast, and Huntington Beach, Calif.”  Ronald Von Freymann is the author of Avalon Bay: A Jewelry Hunter Thriller and Gold in Quartz.

According to the book description of Avalon Bay: A Jewelry Hunter Thriller, it is “a mystery thriller set in the legendary town of Avalon on the idyllic island of Catalina. Jenn, a retail jewelry marketer known as the Jewelry Hunter, inadvertently learns that a fundamental Islamic terrorist sleeper cell comprised, in part of American Caucasian women converts to Islam, plans to destroy two tourist ferries that service Catalina. Unable to convince local authorities, the FBI, or Homeland Security of the threat, she, her friend Tiffany, and her husband, Bill, resolve to thwart the terrorists on their own. Jenn confronts and captures the cell's Saudi born cell leader when he attempts to initiate the plot from a commuter helicopter flying over the two ferries. This leaves the suicide bombers on each ferry to act on their own. Jenn must determine a way to prevent them from completing the plot before the ferries enter the Long Beach and Avalon harbors without alerting the terrorist that the plot has been discovered and their leader captured.”


According to the book description of Gold in Quartz, "It has been a year since an Islamic cleric declared a fatwa against Bill and Jenn for averting a terrorist plot to blow up two fully loaded passenger ferries off the southern coast of California. Now, the Watsons must contend with another group of murderous thugs.
While on a jewelry buying trip in Northern California’s Gold Country, the Watsons inadvertently stumble into a gruesome shooting at the Speckled Gold Mine. Suddenly propelled into a set of circumstances that grows more mysterious—and perilous—by the day, Bill and Jenn soon find themselves in witness protection. But their new enemies are never very far behind. From the Gold Country to Catalina Island, to New York City to Paris, they are forced to rely on the FBI, the French police, and hefty measures of their own quick wits, intuition, and marksmanship to survive.
When events lead them to Johannesburg, the Watsons and their allies—including the tough-talking, trigger-happy friend Tiffany and a drop-dead gorgeous FBI agent who refuses to carry a loaded weapon—must devise a plan to neutralize their adversary… before their luck runs out."



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