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Robert David Wright

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Robert David Wright grew up farming in South Central Kansas, served honorably in the U.S. Army, and graduated from the University of Arizona, Tucson, with a degree in business and graduate work in philosophy. Robert David Wright is the author of Poemetree; Las Villas; Village of Entrapment; Learn Logic; Americana Freedom; and, Robert David Wright's Songbook One.

According to the book description of Americana Freedom, it “tells the modern story of a young American family searching for a better way of life and more freedom. After experiencing a variety of problems while living in Missouri, they pack up and head out West. Traveling, they enjoy the freedom of the open road and great outdoors, camping all along the Oregon Trail and coast of Oregon. But it's not all pleasure as they are soon challenged with difficult situations and decisions; however, they endure the hardships while searching for opportunity and a better life. And like most people, the family faces a multitude of troubles that test their faith, patience, and endurance. At the same time, they make the most of what life has to offer, and have some very enjoyable adventures and experiences.”


According to the book description of Learn Logic, it “is specifically designed for those who have little or no knowledge of the science of logic. It introduces the reader to all the necessary fundamentals of logic, intentionally inspiring interest in the numerous components of logic and their application. Learn Logic gives a complete definition of logic, discusses its history, language and methods, and introduces its forms of analysis as well as the fallacies that can occur in reasoning. Simply reading Learn Logic will improve anyone's ability to think more clearly. This course in logic provides all the necessary basics in preparing students for studying advanced courses in logic and/or any introductory class on any other topic. Studying the science of sciences--logic--will profoundly improve one's ability to reason, study, and learn any subject.”


According to the book description of Poemetree, it “is a collection of heartfelt poems by Robert David Wright; some of which are inspired by life experiences; while others are just dreams and imaginings from thin air--or are they sometimes one and the same? Could be, by now, that their paths have crossed, if only ever so slightly. And, if not, they may sometime have that pleasure, too.”


According to the book description of Las Villas, “Las Villas is an engaging novel centered around a devoted young couple who manage a small apartment complex in Tucson, Arizona, in the mid-1980s. The story unfolds with the many interesting situations the couple find themselves in while interacting with a variety of tenants from many different walks of life, as well as the owner and various prospective tenants—some of whom are rather difficult people. The novel reveals how the dedicated couple is affected as they interact with people from a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles, such as Hispanic, Vietnamese, mentally challenged, and gay people. Las Villas reflects the cultural, social, and economical diversity of America while mirroring some of the problems associated with poverty, substance abuse, and domestic violence. And although the story touches on these issues, it is mostly a humorous and lighthearted modern adventure that keeps the reader guessing over what is about to happen next.”

POEMETREE: Poems by Robert David Wright
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Learn Logic (Expert Systems for Teachers Series)
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Las Villas
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Americana Freedom
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Village of Entrapment
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Robert David Wright's Songbook One: (With Guitar Chords)
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According to the book description of Village of Entrapment, it “concerns a young American family of five who move from the valley to the coast in an area of the Pacific Northwest. In the beginning, their move to the coast seemed right, and they enjoyed their new neighborhood and small town. But gradually, their little paradise unravels as the neighborhood becomes increasingly inhospitable. In the face of adversity, the family discovers, among other facts, that sometimes unexpected changes can be, at best, trying, and that we have to accept what life gives and make the most of it.”


According to the book description of Robert David Wright's Songbook One,  it “is a collection of original songs by the author, complete with song lyrics and guitar chords, as well as helpful hints of the melodies. These 153 songs are a compilation of an assortment of pop, rock, folk, country, blues and alternative style arrangements written over a period of twenty-five years.”

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