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Marcea A. Weiss

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Marcea A. Weiss, USA spent “more than nine years in the Army as a Black Hawk Helicopter Test Pilot, Maintenance Manager, Training Officer and more. During her Army career, she “gained a unique and valuable perspective into the challenges of transitioning military personnel when, after leaving the military, Marcea Weiss worked as a hiring manager in corporate America interviewing, hiring and developing job candidates with military experience.” Marcea A. Weiss is the author of Leaving the Military; Your Deployment Guide to Corporate America.

According to the book description of Leaving the Military; Your Deployment Guide to Corporate America, it is “your step by step guide on transitioning from the military to a career in Corporate America. The Foreword is written by Kelly Perdew, military veteran and Donald Trump Second Season Winner on The Apprentice. He said, “A career transition is a challenging and stressful time for you and your family as you look for a trustworthy source of information and a clear explanation of your options. With limited time available, where can you get the highest return on your time invested? With this book, you will be able to clearly and objectively think through and prepare for your transition from the military to Corporate America.”


“Leaving the Military is like having a trusted friend and adviser to help you make the transition from the military to corporate America. It s a no-nonsense, pragmatic guide to preparing for and implementing a career development plan. Having the tools at your fingertips along with a step-by-step plan that breaks a big rock into smaller chunks is especially helpful. The competency models Marcea has shared are in sync with what hiring managers are looking for today. Being able to translate your military experiences into the language of business will go a long way toward making your transition a success. Leaving the Military provides the resources you need so that there are no excuses about being too busy to dedicate a few minutes each week to working on your plan!”

Leaving the Military; Your Deployment Guide to Corporate America
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Darryl Carson, Manager of Learning and Development at Synaptics, California said of Leaving the Military; Your Deployment Guide to Corporate America, it “provides a systematic recipe for success! It is a must read for those planning to move out from a military career into the civilian sector, especially in today s economic times. Marcea's book is highly recommended reading for all pay grades and specialty fields. With its personal insights, recommendations and checklists, it guides you in the development of a course of action and mindset to achieve a highly successful career change!”


John J. Marks, Captain, USCGR, experienced military transitioner from enlisted, officer, active duty and reserve positions over 37 years of active & reserve military service said of  Leaving the Military; Your Deployment Guide to Corporate America, “there are countless workbooks and seminars for transitioning veterans to utilize in preparation for the next step. Leaving the Military is the king of the hill when it comes to unwrapping your military experience and exposing those tangible skills that corporate America is looking for day after day. Military training produces high quality skilled personnel who will become anchor employees and business leaders. Marcea will show you how to Leverage your strengths, Develop you weaknesses!”

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