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Luke Marusiak

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Luke Marusiak “was raised in Western Pennsylvania. He served in the US Army culminating with the 1st Infantry Division in Desert Storm. He has resided in the Silicon Valley since the early 1990s working in semiconductors, hard drive media, and vacuum chamber systems in positions from process engineer to Chief Operating Officer and CEO. He draws on his family, friendships and experiences for his writing. He currently resides in California with his wife and son.”  Luke Marusiak is the author of Loud and Clear, Marx & Ford, Gold and Glory, Lifeboat Moon: Part I Realization and, Lifeboat Moon: Part II Promotion.

According to the book description of Loud and Clear, “Hank Rudzinski always wanted to be a hero. He finds Amy, a partner in his quest, and joins the Army. From Pennsylvania to West Germany; from a Georgia Army Post to a Mississippi Air Force Base; from an Infantry Division in Missouri to the deserts of Iraq in 1991- they realize that heroes are made of something different than rank or medals. They also discover that great causes bring out the best but also the very worst of people. This novel pulls aside the curtain to reveal the grandeur and grittiness of such pursuits. It is also a novel of love and hate; highlighting the lifelong permanence of soul searing choices.”

According to the book description of Marx & Ford, “This is the story of twins, Tom & John Staid, who are raised in Pennsylvania; are exhorted to live with courage by their father; and take their natural bond for granted as they encounter life´s challenges. This lasts through their adventurous high school years. Both have outsized ambition and jocularly talk of ´ruling the world´: Tom chooses sociology and John chooses engineering as nearly opposite approaches to their reach for greatness. Tom regards positively directing society as the highest good whereas John considers creating wealth through technical achievement as the pinnacle of humanity.

According to the book description of Gold and Glory, "Five from Pennsylvania, a diverse group themselves, join one of the most eclectic and talented group ever assembled that includes ex-U.S. Military fresh from victories in both the Cold War and Desert Storm; young PhDs from the United States, Asia, India, Europe, and Israel, the recent surge of technical women in the workforce; and AT&T Bell Labs expatriates in the 1990s Silicon Valley. This team and their company do what pundits long believed impossible-beat the Japanese in computer chip semiconductor equipment manufacturing. Defying both the government-subsidized consortium and the presumed inexorable American technical decline, the group takes on all comers in a risky and audacious strategy to dominate an industry long given up as lost. The passionate clashes, heartbreaking losses, and stunning achievements highlight the lives, hopes, and dreams in one of the great untold stories of the 1990s. This novel is part of the Good Fight Series and continues the stories of the characters from Marx & Ford, Loud & Clear, and Fear & Hope. The Good Fight Series follows these characters into the tumultuous early years of the twenty-first century in the upcoming."

According to the book description of Lifeboat Moon: Part II Promotion, "The hopes of those in Moon Base Armstrong are challenged when the unexpected occurs. As the crew responds some question humanity's purpose without the earth."



According to the book description of Lifeboat Moon: Part I Realization, "What would you do if you were part of the last of humanity, stranded on the moon? That's the fate of Moon Base Armstrong after an unexpected event strands 137 people. They are all regular people who volunteered to set up the base, not be humanity's last stand. The urgent, day-to-day life and death struggle to make the moon base self-sustaining gives way to despair, fear, and hope. The moon base group has as many questions as answers as some try to cope, some are in denial, and some turn destructive. This is the first installment of the Lifeboat Moon."

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