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Leon Weckstein

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Leon Weckstein was born in New York City in 1921. After graduating high school in Los Angeles, he was drafted in to the army where he served until his discharge in October, 1945. A retired manufacturer of high-end bedding and interior design products.  Leon Weckstein is the author of Through My Eyes.

According to the book description of Through My Eyes, “The story of the furiously fought battle for Italy. A personal account of an Average Joe's infantry days before, during and shortly after the furiously fought battle for Italy.  Although rejected by the Coast Guard and the Navy in 1942 due to bad eyesight, he was drafted into the army where it was discovered that he had an uncanny ability to perceive enemy movement and camouflage. His extraordinary talent left him to manning forward observation posts and directing artillery and mortar fire.


How an Average Joe saved the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Through My Eyes describes the author's awesome experience as he was ordered to bring artillery fire on the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which had come under suspicion as being used by the enemy to direct their deadly fire power. Declining to do so, the young staff sergeant literally saved the tower. His front-row seat allowed him to watch and report with open-mouthed disbelief and nauseating repulsion the shocking casualties our men suffered and the bloody hell our infantry agonized through. Inch-by-inch they struggled to disgorge the elite Wermacht from their heavily fortified pillbox position in the rugged Apennine mountains.


One reader of Through My Eyes said, “I wrote the Foreword to this book. Leon Weckstein and I both served in the 363rd Infantry. His book follows the trail of the 91st through training in Oregon. In April, 1944 the 91st shipped out to North Africa for Operation Vendetta, then to Italy where it fought out the war. Weckstein knows what it was like to endure combat in the mountains of Italy. Those who don't should read his book. For those veterans of the 91st, my book, POWDER RIVER! is now out of print. The original history published in 1947 has been reprinted by the Battery Press and is once again available.”

Through My Eyes (Hellgate Memories Series.)
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One reader of Through My Eyes said, “In this new book, Leon Weckstein tells his personal story of World War II in the mountains of Italy. This book drives home the horrors of war and its impact on soldiers and civilians alike. If you understand the need for realism and enjoy reading about the ordinary soldiers of World War II, this book is for you. It also is a rare look at the "forgotten front," northern Italy, after most of the world's attention was on the action in western Europe. Its also one of the few books written by a veteran of the 91st Infantry Division. Read this book and you'll understand why Weckstein and others like him are called "the greatest generation." They didn't like war or the military, but they had a job to do and they did it well.”

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