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Lee Kelley

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Captain Lee Kelley, USA “wrote for the TimesSelect column Frontlines in 2006 during his deployment as an Army signal officer in Al Anbar Province, where he maintained the blog, Wordsmith at War. He has been a frequent contributor to Doonesbury's "The Sandbox.”  Captain Lee Kelley is the author of Fire In The Night: Creative Essays From An Iraq War Vet.

According to the book description of Fire In The Night: Creative Essays From An Iraq War Vet, “Already a freelance writer, Lee started a blog when he was sent to Iraq in 2005. His family and friends expected to read of his experiences, and a blog was the perfect medium. A hometown reporter visited his unit in Iraq, and Lee ended up on the front page of the Salt Lake Tribune. That's how it all began. Since then, he's been in the top 10 military blogs on for years, featured in TIME magazine, read some of his essays on radio shows, and even been on the local news in Salt Lake City, Utah. Through it all, readers have been very supportive of Lee's writing and he has received thousands of queries about when he might publish a book. Here are 53 of the most popular essays. They have been adapted from the blog, and writing that he's done in other forums, such as The New York Times and All of the work in this book was either written while he was still in Iraq or as a direct result of his experiences there.”

Fire In The Night: Creative Essays From An Iraq War Vet
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