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Kevin Lackey

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Kevin Lackey has devoted the majority of his life to law enforcement and the service of others.  He began as an active duty Army MP, continuing his military career as a member of the Air National Guard Security Forces and then later as a First Sergeant.  Concurrent with his military career, he pursued his full time career as a member of the Wichita (KS) Police Department, serving as a field training officer and Honor Guard military liaison, as well as being a certified instructor in many law enforcement disciplines to include self-defense, riot control, radar, and lidar, among others.  He is currently a certified internet consultant, actor, voice artist, and on-air radio personality.  He and his wife, Stephanie, have two children, Hannah and Connor. Kevin Lackey is the author of Street Stories: True Police Stories Straight from the Cop's Mouth.


One reader of Street Stories: True Police Stories Straight from the Cop's Mouth said, “The author gives many anecdotes of his life as a police officer in Wichita, Kansas. There is also a section of general law enforcement information with tips for the reader on how to interact if he or she has encounters with the police as well as tips on driver safety, personal safety and home security.”

Street Stories: True Police Stories Straight From The Cop's Mouth
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