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Joseph Reass

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Joseph Reass was drafted into the United States Army at age 19, and the height of the 1968 Tet offensive in Vietnam, he found himself suddenly transformed from a naïve teenager into a rifleman in the 25th Infantry Division, 9th Infantry Regiment.  Arriving in Vietnam as a Private First Class, he survived a year of combat with the famed “Manchu” Regiment and returned to the United States with the rank of Sergeant.  Back at home, he readjusted to civilian life by continuing his education.  Earning a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Capital University and a master’s degree from Ohio University in Political Science, Joe put the war behind him and reentered the world.


After a 25 year career with Columbus Ohio Police Department, including 13 years as a criminal investigator, he retired in 1997.  Returning to Ohio University as a member of the faculty, he currently teaches in the Bachelor of Criminal Justice Program and is the director of the Southern Ohio Police Training Institute.


Joseph Reass’ first novel is Dragon Men.  According to the book description, “In it he depicts real events pulled from long clouded memories of his combat experiences in Vietnam.  Pieced together and told by a fictitious protagonist, David Reno, the story brings into perspective, true events, honest, tragic and even humorous that young men of Charlie Company, 4th Brigade, 9th Regiment, faced in the unconventional combat of the Vietnam War. 


Along with graphic descriptions of combat and death, there are insights into men who served and how they coped with difficult situations of surviving not only the fighting, but the arduous life in the boonies.  Live with young soldiers who deal with extreme situations of war, weather and military life.


It is an honest story that will interest anyone who served in combat, who want an unglorified glimpse of combat life or anyone who likes personal adventures told by real characters.”

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