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Joseph T. Evans

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Joseph T. Evans was Combat Medic in the United States Army.  After his service, he continued to work in the medical industry as a civilian.  Joseph T. Evans is the author of Green Roses and Hummingbirds.


According to the book description Green Roses and Hummingbirds, “has to do with the mystery and purpose of human existence. Is it true what the Bible says that we exist in a place somewhere between Heaven and Hell, and does God actually exist and speak to us in mysterious ways or through symbolism constantly trying to guide us in a direction to live out a loving life. Green Roses and Hummingbirds is a love story that aims to show love is the only sane and satisfactory emotion for human existence, and it’s lived out through Angelina and Dominic. Although it appears they have the perfect life they do in fact live out tragic lives. Nothing has gripped humanity’s interest more—nor has anything been more frightening or awe-inspiring—than the experience known as death. Are Angelina and Dominic actually deceased.

Green Roses and Hummingbirds
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Additionally, nothing has stirred the human soul more—nor has any emotion been more powerful—than the emotion of true love and do we carry this emotion with us through the spirit into the afterlife. Angelina and Dominic are true soul mates and get to live out an entire life of loving memories in only seven days, but where are they living out this existence. Is it a dream, and if so, who is the dream director? How did they find each other and have the chance to experience true and passionate love for one another? What is the gift: life itself or the capacity to love one another passionately?”

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