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John M. Taylor, Jr.

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Lieutenant Colonel John M. Taylor, Jr., USA (ret.) “served with the 101st Airborne Division as a platoon leader and battalion commander. Airborne and air assault qualified, a scuba diver and trained as a system engineer, he designed military command and control systems in civilian life before he turned to writing military thrillers. Using his background in nuclear weapons and extensive travel in the Far and Middle East, Europe and across the States, he packs a ton of adventure into an action-filled page-turner.”  Lieutenant Colonel John M. Taylor, Jr. is the author of Behind the Green Water and A Flash of Emerald.

According to the book description of Behind the Green Water, “Devon sometimes wished he were back in the Carolina swamps puffing his grandpa's pipe instead of tromping the Iraqi deserts and mountains with the French woman. But his Grandma told him to follow the eagle and watch out for the crow, and the mountains of Iraq are where the hawk led. But why was the crow cawing so loud, Devon wondered, as the Iraqi sighted down the barrel of the AK?


US Army Major Nash Devon, a Carolinian claiming ancestry back to the Croatan Indians and Sir Walter Raleigh's Lost Colony, was a hero and a murderer in the Gulf War, but haunted over the years by his actions. Assigned back to Saudi in enroute to the UN weapons inspection team in Iraq, Devon is shanghaied by US military intelligence and sent to the Northern Iraq Sanctuary Zone for duty with the UN High Commission for Refugees.”


According to the book description of A Flash of Emerald, it “begins with Corporal Harry Stoner as a young Special Forces soldier thrust into the middle of the disastrous and short-lived Cuban counter-revolution, then takes you with a far older and, perhaps wiser, Stoner when he is summoned from his Washington DIA office to revisit the seamy side of Tampa's Ybor City where he is drawn into the middle of a drugs-for-arms transaction. Not just guns, this time the stakes are higher - a nuclear weapon stolen by fanatical terrorists - the beginning of a wild ride across today's South Florida and the Florida Keys where romance with a member of the Conch Republic threatens to sidetrack his mission.”

Behind The Green Water
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Flash Of Emerald
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